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Seasonal Harvests of Autumn and Winter 2013/2014 at JAAN

The people behind JAAN certainly do have an eye for chefs. Previously home to Chef Andre Chiang, who has since left to start his own restaurant Andre, the fine-dining French restaurant is now helmed by Chef de cuisine Julien Royer, winner of the title ‘The One To Watch’ at this year’s Asia 50 Best Restaurants. JAAN itself was ranked at No. 22.

Perched at level 70 of Swissotel The Stamford, JAAN restaurant boasts of a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline that is simply postcard worthy and quite breathtaking. With no elaborate architecture or snazzy décor, the space itself is decidedly intimate with no more than 13 tables and is simply designed with clean finishes, allowing the picturesque view and artisanal menu to speak for itself.

Chef Julien Royer’s seasonal menu places a heavy emphasis on fresh and sustainable produce, a trait he picked up when growing up in France, as a descendent of four generations of farmers.


JAAN offers 4 different set lunches- the first which we went for, was a 3 course for $68, the second was a 5 course Degustation at $118, the third was the Jardin Gourmand also 5 courses at $118 and the last was the Artisanal Cuisine comprising of 7 courses for $158.

Our gastronomic journey began with an assortment of gourmet snacks, formally known as amuse bouche. We were treated to Smoked Unagi, Cantal Cheese Cromesquis, Chef’s Julien’s own Hummus with a rich and nutty flavor conferred by the Auvergne lentils and accompanied with paper-thin crisp sesame crackers. An extremely delightful beginning that was peppered with a myriad of earthy flavors which paid tribute to Chef Julien’s love for the unadulterated rawness of what the harvest has to offer with each season.

Next, we indulged in a brew of Wild Mushroom Tea, a soothing concoction of Cep Sabayon, bits of grilled Portobello Mushroom and Walnuts, complemented by the subtle sweetness of Lovage and finished with a frothy cap for a touch of elegance.


The bread basket followed soon after, with a concise selection of Truffle Rolls, Mini Baguettes, Walnut Raisin, Dark Rye and Mini Croissants for your pick. I could not get enough of the Truffle Rolls and indulged in at least three servings. Paired with luscious French butter and sprinkled with sea salt, the breads were a definite underrated part of the meal here.


Starting on our meal proper, 2 of us had the 55′ Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg as our appetizer.


Not to be outdone by the theatrical performance of the Wild Mushroom Tea earlier, our appetizer consisted of two parts : 1) a poached egg that had been cooking for 55 minutes at precisely 64 degrees presented in its shell, alongside smoked rosemary and dry ice for an added cinematic effect 2) a serving glass bowl of smoked rattes, chorizo Iberico and buckwheat.


The perfectly poached egg was then delicately tipped into the glass and you break the thin veil of egg white to allow the yolk to ooze out and envelope the accompanying ingredients for the grand finale. Possibly the best egg dish I have ever had with all the many elements of the salty chorizo iberico, fried buckwheat and creaminess of egg yolk just coming together so effortlessly and harmoniously.


JAAN’s Garden too was plated with flair and elegance. Made from a composition of the season’s best produce and wild herbs, this might however be a little too au naturale for those looking for bigger and more intense flavors.


Our main was the Roasted Atlantic Turbot served with fried squid, saffron and Carrots ‘Saveurs d’Orient’ on a bed of couscous. The enthralling star was the fillet cooked through to precise consistency but remained firm and succulent, accentuated with a piquant sauce which tied the varied textures of crunchy, creamy, gritty and smoothness together.


The pre-dessert sorbet palate cleanser was a blend of refreshing tapioca, coconut mousse and lemon meringue which exploded in the mouth as happily married flavors. Sublime.


Moving onto our actual desserts, this Choconuts 4th of sticky chewy carambar, Tanariva chocolate shards, Tonka bean ice cream and moulds of slick-smooth gianduja was an interplay and harmony of different kinds of chocolates which complimented each other in synchrony. Undeniably good.


The Brie de Meaux Truffe (supplement $25) pays homage to the high esteem truffles are held in, when used in gourmet French cooking. The three elements of artisanal brie with truffle, truffle ice-cream (yes, you heard me right: truffle ice-cream) and toasted ‘poilane’ was exceptionally divine, individually and as a whole. The full flavor of the brie was captured by the truffles which intensified it without being too overwhelming while the truffle ice-cream was an exquisite delicacy that deserves a round of applause.


Rounding it all up was a complimentary platter of Mignardises, which was of course stunningly displayed on a wooden board with smoked dry ice and all. The dainty marshmallows, silvered almond chocolate pieces, rock melon sorbet sticks, and the rosemary ice-cream chocolate covered lollipops had me sold through and through. JAAN’s attention to detail and efforts to please remained consistent right to the end. I was truly enamored.


My lunch experience at JAAN is definitely one of the most memorable I have had by far. The service was excellent, top-notch in fact, with extremely knowledgeable and attentive staff who make a sincere effort of explaining to you patiently the components of every dish and are pleasantly co-operative in assisting you as you take your photographs. Unlike other fine-dining establishments that frown upon an individual who whips out a camera, the people here at JAAN embrace it and are in fact, very encouraging.

Find out more about the extremely talented man behind these creations- Chef Julien HERE!

He is definitely ‘the one to watch‘.


And now I leave you with the gorgeous view from my seat, one which I enjoyed throughout the two hours of my meal and found it almost impossible to tear myself away from.

JAAN… I will be back again…


2 Stamford Road
Swissotel The Stamford, level 70
Singapore 178882
Tel: +65 9199 9008

Opening hrs:
Mondays—Saturdays ­12pm—230pm, 7pm—10pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays


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  1. mable says:

    that egg appetiser looks so interesting. and your photos just keep getting more and more amazing!

    • admin says:

      Awww thanks sweetie! The food was actually just stunningly photogenic so I didn’t have to do much work! Hee anyway you HAVE to try JAAN when you come back eoy, I think you will really enjoy it!!! I miss you dear xxx

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