Master Chocolatiers of Lindt Presents Two New Gourmet Chocolate Bars

I was first introduced to Lindt Chocolates back in Australia. Home to eight chocolate cafes (four in Sydney and four in Melbourne), we used to be enamored by the scores of Lindt products on display, huddle over a mug of rich delicious Hazelnut hot chocolate during Winters and get excited over the ice-cream flavors during the hot Summers. My favorite though was always the White Chocolate and Vanilla Bean which was never too sweet for me. And exam periods were extra comforting with glorious packets of Lindor Truffle Balls with the hard chocolate casing and smooth caramel or chocolate filling that always flows.

That was some legit stuff right there.


So I was extremely pleased when the Master Chocolatiers of Lindt sent over a huge black and gold box right to my doorstep, packed with 8 bars of Lindt Excellence!

I excitedly removed the wrapper and took a bite! Yum! Those chocolates taste as good as I remembered them to be. Intense, velvety, smooth and a nice cocoa aroma.


Lindt Chocolate fans will find some of these flavors familiar but! I am here to bring to your attention 2 specific new ones that Lindt will be rolling out next month.

The Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa and Excellence Touch of Sea Salt chocolate bars will be available at all major supermarkets in July onwards AND for that special month as well, the entire Excellence range will be sold at only $3.95! (U.P. $5.20-$5.90)! So mark it down on your calenders because next month is the month to stock up on your Lindt Excellence bars!


I personally enjoyed the Excellence Touch of Sea Salt with the touches of “Fleur du Sel” crystals that made the dark chocolate a lot less bitter and easier on the taste buds. My readers will know that I am no fan of dark chocolate unfortunately so the Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa was little too powerful and much for me though I dare say that if you are a purist, this one is right up your alley and you would not want to miss out on the raw unadulterated cocoa flavour that this bar of chocolate embodies.

Oh a completely random note, I absolutely adored the Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy which I finished in less than 10 minutes because it was so smooth, almost buttery and yes very creamy! It melted so easily in the mouth and was undeniably delightful!

I know which Lindt Excellence chocolate bar I will be stocking up on in July…


Thank you Yiling of Touch PR for the chocolatey box of treats!

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  1. Amit pandey says:

    the chocolate bar are looking to gorgious i would be delightfull to eat.oh my god

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