Nikon COOLPIX S9400 | Capturing Your Memories in Breathtaking Clarity

To be honest, a DSLR does not make great arm candy and is hardly a statement piece for the summer. Heavy, bulky and most of the time in boring black, it can be such a tool. So while my friends get to carry clutches and pretty small handbags, I usually have with me my chunky camera bag (extra padded for protection) or bag pack- not exactly glamorous and frankly not the least ideal especially during formal occasions, traveling or simply just going out. But because of my passion for photography, lugging around my DSLR is a sacrifice I am willing to make.. most of the time.

For the other times however, I am still on the search for a compact that is able to fulfill the capabilities of my trusty Nikon D60, albeit impossible but a girl can dream…

So when Nikon debuted the 18.1 Megapixels Nikon COOLPIX S9400 along with a range of point-and-shoots in the market recently that came with VR image stabilization, a 25mm wide-angle lens, 18x Zoom and an offer to play with its features for a couple of weeks, I was psyched. Maybe there was a glimmer of hope after all…


While the S9400 does not allow shooting in manual mode or in RAW, the Auto mode does a relatively fine job as well. I brought this compact along to a couple of foodie outings, my family trip to Resorts World Sentosa, a media preview of Power 98’s new evening show and am pleased to share that it did perform up to expectations and far exceeded the usual performance of regular compacts.

These were the photos I shot in Auto mode (flash forced off)









Unfortunately, the sun was too bright on a couple of occasions and I found my photos dimmed whenever I took a shot against the sun. So I turned the dial from Auto –> Backlighting





And for a little fun, you can add some spark and quirkiness to your photographs, even without having to transfer them on the computer, the Quick Effects function does just the trick! I really liked the ‘Fisheye’ preset!


Alternatively, bring out a splash of color in your photos with the Selective Color mode


The S9400 also claims that its 18x optical zoom allows you to take detailed panoramas and dramatic close-ups. I tried it out by standing in the same position for all 4 photos (you can roughly gauge the distance I am from the castle in the ‘no zoom’ photo) and I did not even have to use all 18X before I could reach the flag at the tip of the castle. The image remained focused and clear as well with minimal blurring.


And another example using the zoom feature…


For the foodies, the MACRO function will come in extremely useful! Just do not forget to turn it on!



And with the 25mm wide-angle lens, a greater depth of field is created from the same distance so you capture a wider view of your surroundings.


See how the distance between the restaurants and my camera is magnified so I am able to capture more in a single image?


Viewing the photos you have taken is also a pleasure with the 3.0-inch 614,000-dot OLED display that makes every photo look great, vibrant and basically an accurate representation of what you will see when you transfer your images onto the computer.


The last thing you want is for the photo to appear all vivid and pretty on display but all dull and sad when you view them on facebook or upload them on your blog. Well definitely not in the case of the S9400!


In summary…

What I really liked about the Nikon COOLPIX S9400:
√√ The Auto mode is self sufficient, superior even
√√ The Backlighting function is superb for photos taken against the sun
√√ Images taken outdoors are vivid, clear and extremely pleasing to the eye
√√ What you see in viewing mode is basically what you will get after uploading them onto the computer
√√ The camera body itself is stylish, slim and comes in sexy red

What I hope to improve on:
X Faster shutter speed or better VR Image Stabilization for sharper photos during moving shots
X Build-in WiFi and even GPS would be ideal!

Did I mention that the Nikon COOLPIX S9400 fits snugly into my pocket too? Did not even have to carry a bag out for the sole purpose of housing my camera on the occasions I brought it out. Score!


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The Nikon COOLPIX s9400 is now available at all Nikon Authorised Dealers and retailing at $499.



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