Behind The Apron: Leung Kwok Sing (Summer Palace)

Chef Leung Kwok Sing may be a naturalized Singaporean citizen but the Hong Kong-born dim sum chef with over 25 years of experience has not forgotten his roots- a trait clearly reflected in the authenticity of his methods and techniques in his cooking. Chef Leung started his career at the age of 21 in a modest eatery in Hong Kong. He has since worked his way through the kitchens of KL and Singapore, and is now at the helm of the dim sum kitchen of Summer Palace at Regent Singapore. Chef Leung shares with us why he is still so passionate about dim sum making after all these years.


How did you pick up your dim sum making skills?

In the past, head chefs tend to pass down their recipes only to their relatives. Unfortunately, they only taught me the basics as I was not related to them. Hence, I had to pick up my skills through observations and whenever I was assisting them. The difficulty in picking up these skills made me even more determined to learn and perfect my skills!

Why did you decide to specialize in dim sum making?

I was driven by the passion to reinvent and create new dishes. Dim sum making provides me with the avenue to constantly experiment and come up with creative renditions of familiar favorites.

What is your approach towards dim sum making?

Dim sum comes from the heart- that is why it is called 点心 (dian xin) in mandarin. Hence, it is important to persevere and not give up easily. I also believe in preserving the good elements of past experiences and incorporating them in my present cooking. Lastly, with so many steps in dim sum making, one must be conscientious and not be afraid of 麻烦 (ma fan) or putting in the extra effort in order to succeed.

What differentiates your dim sum from other restaurants’?

Other restaurants tend to follow more traditional recipes and are more conservative in their approach. I prefer to be more experimental in trying out new flavors. For example, I will try to incorporate things that I’ve eaten into dim sum. That was how I came up with my chilli crab bun.

What advice would you give to budding dim sum making chefs?

Dim sum making requires a lot of hard work so put in the effort and persevere. To be good, a lot of hard work is necessary. Many young people tend to look at the time and rush through their cooking. You must be willing to invest your time. Don’t be a clock-watcher or you will not succeed in this line!

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