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I am almost embarrassed to admit that despite being a Singaporean, I had not yet step foot into our iconic lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum, which I might add, is now recognized worldwide as a Singapore attraction and has been recently awarded the TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 2013.

Lucky for me, Deenise invited me along to an exclusive media event featuring docent-guided tours of the ArtScience Museum’s ongoing exhibitions- Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb and Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition. And I finally caught a glimpse of the inside of this stunning architectural structure that took almost two years to design and complete.

My conclusion? ArtScience Museum is definitely worth a visit because at the end of my excursion, I was in total awe- of the whole geometry and intricacies of the building, the impressive collection of artifacts, the line up of programs and elements the exhibitions held and honestly deep down… secretly proud to be a Singaporean.


ArtScience Museum is located adjacent to Marina Bay Sands and is within extremely convenient walking distance of the Bayfront MRT station. Banners of the ongoing exhibitions are usually displayed outside so you will know which touring exhibits the museum is currently showcasing.

Singapore’s premier museum has also previously played host to big names such as Dali and Andy Warhol as well as renowned collections of sets, costumes and historical artifacts of Titanic, Harry Potter and Genghis Khan’s Mongolia.


Be greeted by a wave of elegance as you walk through the trapezium-shaped entrance of the museum- a squeakily clean floor-to-ceiling glass paneled structure that has its air-conditioning on full blast, a wonderful respite from the scorching sun that afternoon.


Our journey of the exhibitions begins as you take the lifts either up and down- where the 21 gallery spaces totaling 50,000 square feet awaits your exploration. No photography is allowed in some exhibitions however (unless you have a media pass) so it would be safer to ask the curators on duty for permission first before you start snapping away.


Our first stop? The basement.

Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition
|27 April 2013 – 4 November 2013|

Brought to us by one of the world’s top museums- The British Museum, the Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition makes its debut visit to Southeast Asia.

Our adventure kicks off with a 21 min 3D film, which reveals the secrets of Egyptian burial practices of the past, the mummification processes as well as a documentary on the life of Nesperennub- an Egyptian temple priest who lived 3,000 years ago. This short video will give you an introduction and some insight to the ancient Egyptian collection of artifacts and six mummies on display.


Workshops such as Amulets for the Afterlife and The Secrets of Embalming are also conducted in the Embalmer’s Workshop to further enhance the museum experience for both adults and kids through these interactive classes and hands-on activities.

If you wish to have a guide for your tour, do take note of the following designated timings:
Saturdays and Sundays: 5.30pm
Mandarin: Saturdays and Sundays: 3 pm and 6 pm

And I would strongly recommend it because our museum guide Anita was simply knowledgeable and passionate about sharing, I really learnt so much from her.


But of course the highlight of the day is the ‘star’ mummy- Nesperennub, a temple priest who remains in his original cartonnage coffin which has never been opened. Yet the the story of the priest’s life and death, complete with a digital reconstruction of his facial structure has been unraveled through cutting-edge technology of CT scanning, further adding to the mystery and enigma of the entire experience.


The upper gallery pays tribute to the ‘Arts’ element of the ArtScience Museum and right now, the museum is playing host to an extensive showcase of iconic furniture, reflecting the vast contributions and impact the design world’s most famous couple, Charles and Ray Eames have made to society today.

Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition
|29 June 2013 – 5 January 2014|


A unique engaging part of the Essential Eames exhibition, is an interactive Materials Trail of collecting six different materials in the respective galleries to encourage visitors to learn more about the materials on display and discover their creativity in the process.

Within the gallery is also a programming space where adults and children alike can create their own small-scale furniture or make and decorate their own face masks with the materials provided and create a personalized souvenir to take home.

Tours and Workshops

Guided Tour for Adults
Saturdays from August: 11.30am

Playing with Masks
Saturdays and Sundays: 3.30pm – 4.30pm


For more ticketing information, visit the ArtScience Museum website at


ArtScience Museum @ Marina Bay Sands

Opening hrs:
10:00am to 10:00pm
(Last admission at 9.00pm)

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