Behind The Apron: Jachin Tan (Skyve Wine Bistro)

It certainly pays off to start from the bottom and work your way up. Having cooked his way through kitchens in the United States, Australia, and Singapore for over a decade, 30 year-old Jachin Tan is now the Executive Chef of Skyve Wine Bistro. Chef Jachin, who was the former Sous Chef of Hummerston, pays tribute to his overseas exposure through his creations which clearly reflect a myriad of cuisines and techniques. The accounting and property biz grad turned chef reveals how his international culinary experiences have shaped him as a chef.


Why did you decide to become a chef?

It was actually out of desperation! (laughs) I needed pocket money so I started off as a prep cook and a dishwasher at cafes and bistros when I was 17. After my studies in Western Australia, I decided that accounting and property wasn’t for me so I went to pursue more formal culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu in California instead.

How does the culinary culture differ across the different countries you have worked in?  

In Australia, you are forced to go for a break during break time. In the US, it is a lot more competitive and individualistic. You are also expected to complete your prep work before service starts even if it means coming in earlier than usual. In Singapore, it is more like a family and we look out for each other to see if anyone needs help during prep work.

Which was the most difficult kitchen you have worked in?

It was during my catering stint with Wolfgang Puck in the US. Working in a team of 80 and preparing food for up to 100,000 people was really tough. I had never gotten screamed at so much in my life before!

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Chef Christophe Émé. During the year that I worked in his kitchen, his restaurant had only one complaint of inconsistency which is a huge achievement for any restaurant. Even though he ruled with an iron rod, he made me realise that my sole purpose in the kitchen is to try to be perfect.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring chefs?

Keep practising, practising, and practising! A good and strong lower back is also needed to endure the long hours of standing and lifting. You start off being horribly paid but ultimately it is for the love of food that you succeed.

Find out more about our experience with Chef Jachin Tan’s new creations in Skyve Wine Bistro’s revamped menu HERE!


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