Cake Spade @ 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel

Say ‘Cake Spade’ too quickly and people might assume you were referring to British fashion label ‘Kate Spade’ instead. But this misunderstanding is set to change in the near future as the cake shop’s name- Cake Spade eventually catches on with its signature cakes winning the hearts of many.

Opened by an enterprising young lady, online baker turned cake shop owner- Zenn Eng turned her hobby of baking into a business with this 300 ft small quaint space at level 1 of Orchid Hotel. We stumbled across this place one afternoon as we were on a search for a good dessert place along Tanjong Pagar and we were certainly in for a sweet treat.


Zenn’s specialty is actually in her Tofu Cheesecakes which she sells whole, slices ($5.90) and in 3 different flavors- Strawberry, Mango and Peach. Alas, because of our lack of prior research, we missed out on ordering those cakes during our rather spontaneous visit.

Instead, we had a Lemon Tart $4.20 with a buttery crumbly crust and smooth thick lemon curd which flowed. The flavor was intense in this one and will definitely be favored by those who love a good zesty and citusy kick in their desserts.


The Hummingbird Cake $5.90, I could not get enough off. An American classic, this three layered cake of mashed bananas, sweet pineapples with cream cheese frosting and dashes of toasted coconut shreds easily won us over. Not surprising, Zenn shares that it is also one of her bestsellers when we asked for cake recommendations. Every forkful was moist and rich with a spiced punch of cinnamon. A beautiful combination of two tropical fruits that compliment each other so naturally.


We ended with a Nutella Crumble $4.20 but paid $7 for the addition of a Vanilla Bean ice-cream scoop. Indulgent, sweet and textually heavier than her cakes, Zenn’s Crumbles are also quite the charmer. I enjoyed how she spared no expense with the Nutella and it paired off so well with the intense Vanilla Bean essence. Easily a dessert that girls will enjoy sharing and fighting over.


Cake Spade also sells Brownie Bottom Cheesecake $6.20, Red Velvet Cake $5.90 and Dark Chocolate Banana Cake $5.90 amongst many other flavors. Cupcakes and Brownies are also on the menu for those looking for smaller bites. This homegrown ‘Daily Cake Store’ definitely takes cake seriously and I will be back for more cake but of course to also try Zenn’s signature Tofu Cheesecakes.


1 Tras Link
#01-06 Orchid Hotel
Tel: 6444 3868

Opening hrs:
Hours: 12pm-8pm (Mon-Thu)
12pm-10.30pm (Fri-Sat)


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