Behind The Apron: Frederic Faucheux (KU DÉ TA Singapore)

Setting foot in Asia for the first time, Chef Frederic Faucheux joins KU DÉ TA Singapore fresh from his stint as the Executive Chef of award-winning international Japanese restaurant chain, Nobu in Cape Town. There, he led the restaurant to win 9th best overall restaurant in South Africa and it was also awarded 3 stars in the Rossouws Restaurants guide. Born in Loire Valley, Chef Frederic started out in French cooking when he was at Langham Hilton in 1998 and London’s Savoy Hotel in 2004 under the leadership of Chef Georg Fuchs. The 37-year-old chef made the switch to Pan-Asian cuisine when he moved to South Africa, cooking at Tank Restaurant in Cape Town before moving on to work with Michelin star Chef Conrad Gallagher to open Geisha Wok & Noodle Bar.

Chef Frederic shares with us his passion for Pan-Asian cuisine and his management style in the kitchen.


Why did you decide to become a chef?

I had my first taste of the culinary world at eight when I started helping my grandma prepare for our Christmas meal. From there, I continued to join her in the kitchen during my school holidays.

Why did you switch from French cooking to Japanese cuisine?

I have always had a passion for Asian food. In particular, it was the simplicity of flavours employed in Japanese cuisine as well as elegant plating that attracted me to make the switch.

What sets Pan-Asian cuisine apart from others?

Pan-Asian cuisine is what I like and what I want to cook for a long time. I love how there is always room for creativity. By changing a single ingredient, you can create a completely different dish.


What do you admire about Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and what was the most important lesson you’ve learned from him?

I admire Chef Nobu Matsuhisa a lot and I can relate to him because we have similar beginnings. His mother introduced him into the culinary world and his success is based on a lot of hard work. One lesson I’ve learned from him is the importance of being humble and calm in the kitchen. If you keep shouting, your kitchen will become chaotic. Instead, you should be respectful towards your staff and treat them like family.

What can we look forward to at KU DÉ TA

Guests can look forward to more elegant plating as I focus a lot on presentation. The plating will be clean, simple and pleasing to the eye. At the end of the day, the flavours and the ingredients will speak for themselves. Also, my dishes will be inspired by Chef Nobu, who has been one of my greatest mentors.


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