Common Man Coffee Roasters

The hottest collaboration in town at the moment is none other than the one located at 22 Martin Road. Two month old Common Man Coffee Roasters upped the ante by pulling out the big guns, bringing together Spa Esprit Group, Harry Grover from 40 Hands and Five Senses Coffee (Australia) for the trendiest concept cafe of the season.


Setting itself apart from other specialty coffee places, CMCR instead serves up a bevy of Middle-Eastern influenced all-day-breakfast items such as the Common Man Full Veggie Breakfast which features halloumi & free-range organic eggs, and the Turkish Common Man Breakfast with phyllo-wrapped soft boiled eggs, crispy feta with hummus and pita bread. Lunch options too are exotic with the likes of Baked Beetroot with feta cheese or Quinoa Salad with yoghurt & mint.


And though the place is called Common Man Coffee Roasters, meant for the common man, the prices seem to suggest otherwise. Be expected to fork out $26 for the Common Man Full Breakfast, $18 for a French Toast and $34 for a 300gm Ribeye Steak.

Our Common Man Burger $28 from the Lunch menu stood tall and was packed with layers of provolone, grilled tomatoes, caramelized onions and of course a 100% ground rib-eye patty. The flavors were spot on with the fluffy brioche bun pulling all the elements together with a single bite, a huge one of course. And while I personally thought that the patty could be a tad less tough and a little less well done, that would just be me being fussy. Served with a cup of crisp and salty fries for a complete picture.


Next was the highly raved about Organic Eggs Benedict $24 which came with braised ox cheeks instead because slices of ham are simply too pedestrian. And boy oh boy did it live up to expectations. Every single bit of it. For starters, the two organic eggs were poached so perfectly that not only did the yolk ooze out but the whites also had great consistency and texture. The ox cheeks were plain flavorful and so beautifully tender, it just melted in our mouth. And that lovely butter chive hollandaise made it all too easy to enjoy with the sourdough.


Not forgetting the beverages, we also had a Filter $6 (brew of the day) and a Green $7 artisan tea from Five Senses that came in a sturdy iron-cast pot. Might I mention that the crockery here too were full of character and unique from each other, almost as if every cup and saucer had been handmade.


The space too is spacious with a long communal table taking centre stage and plenty of room between smaller tables to have conversations that do not cramp your style. Bar counter seats are also available for those who wish to watch the barista pull their coffee. Overall, ambiance is great and food surprisingly good, just come prepared to spend a little more than a common man would for a meal.

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22 Martin Road #01-00
Singapore 239058
Tel: +65 6836 4695

Opening hrs:
8am – 7pm daily


5 Responses to Common Man Coffee Roasters

  1. Xin says:

    Love that last line. I suppose the target audience is slightly different; probably meant for those with deeper pockets, living around the robertson quay area. Now that I think about it, a common man with common sense would not order a $28 burger from here. I’d much rather pay more and have the DB burger! :D

  2. seth says:

    Lol the irony. common man coffee is not for the commons.

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