Summer Palace, Regent Singapore Launches An Exquisite Dynasty Feast

This October, Executive Chinese Chef Liu Ching Hai together with Summer Palace present an exquisite 8 Course Dynasty Feast. Each of the eight dishes in the Feast is inspired by a legendary Imperial tale that has been passed down through the ages and as each story unfolds through century-old traditional Cantonese culinary techniques, Chef Liu seeks to take you on an engaging journey traversing the five major dynasties in Chinese history.


Drunken Dong Po Pork

The well-loved Dong Po Pork is given a textural makeover with its fried till crisp exterior that crackles open to reveal a contrasting meltingly-tender pork belly that had been slow braised till all the flavors have been thoroughly absorbed by the meat. With a sprinkle of gold leaves and dash of premium Chinese rice wine added to the mix, the royal factor is upped a notch.


Doubled Boiled Treasures Soup

Chef Liu’s version of the famous “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” soup nourishes the senses with the addition of quality ingredients such as fish maw, conpoy, cordyceps and sea whelk. This iconic soup was believed to be concocted by the Chefs of the Qing Dynasty and impressed the poets so much that they drew an analogy of Buddha wanting to jump a wall just for a taste after getting a whiff of its aroma.


Peach Blossoms in the Snow

The most elegant of the lot, this dish was actually named by the legendary Empress Wu Zetian herself. Though the original version uses plump shrimp, Chef Liu glamorizes his with the use of succulent sweet lobster flesh instead. And how beautiful the combination of lobster turned out with the creamy scrambled egg whites. With each cocoon delicately pieced together with the mushrooms and sliced cucumbers, the result was an exquisite work of art and a masterpiece.


Fried Lamb Loin with Spicy Sauce

A battle dish which won Yuan Emperor Kublai Khan his victory, this fried lamb loin was believed to have been an accidental creation by the Emperor’s chefs who were hurrying to finish cooking before the war broke out. Kublai Khan was so pleased with the stir-fried lamb that he ordered it to be served before every battle. Chef Liu’s concocted spicy sauce was so peppery and thick, coating each slice of lamb till all the flavor had been infused and the meat was beautifully tender.


Deep-Fried Imperial Beancurd in Claypot

A typical rags to riches story, this deep fried beancurd was once fed to a starving boy of a poor farmer who later became Emperor by leading a peasant revolution. This young boy is none other than Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. The Emperor loved the dish so much that he ordered his Imperial chefs to recreate it. And today, Chef Liu stuffs his beancurd first with century egg and diced chestnuts before frying it for a nice contrast of crisp and silky smooth. A bed of wilted spinach at the bottom completes the picture.


Tea-Smoked Soy Chicken

Majestically presented and arranged, this chicken is certainly not for the faint-hearted especially with the head uncensored. Nonetheless, the white meat which had been smoked in brown sugar and jasmine tea leaves was moist and undoubtedly succulent with a subtle floral aroma. Dip it into some XO sauce served at the side for added flavor, not that it is needed.


Longevity Noodles with Sea Cucumber and Abalone

Have these noodles and you are guaranteed to live to a ripe old age or so Emperor Qianlong believed after meeting an old lady at the beach who gave him the elixir of life- Abalone and Sea Cucumber wine. Nonetheless, this intricate picture mirroring that of a tulip flower with an abalone as the bud and a stuffed sea cucumber as a leaf, was brimming with nutritional goodness and finishes with the elegance of the ocean delicacies.


Lychee Ice Cream with Bird’s Nest

Inspired by one of the Four Great Beauties of China- Imperial Concubine Yang Gui Fei was said to have loved the lychee fruit so much that the Emperor commissioned his officials to bring them from the South so that she could enjoy them whenever she liked. Paying tribute to her delicate beauty, Chef Liu combines a refreshing lychee ice-cream made in-house with chopped dried orange peel to balance out its bitterness with the intense sweetness. The dessert is made complete with a duo of lychee fruits stuffed with luxurious Bird’s Nest. Our table definitely could not get enough of this.


This 8-Course Dynasty Feast is available for dinner on weekdays, both lunch and dinner on the weekends and is priced at $108++ per person or $1080++ per table of 10.

For reservations, please call: 6725 3288 or email:

Summer Palace, Regent Singapore
Level 3, 1 Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249715

Lunch: Noon – 2.30pm (Mon-Sat)
11.30am – 2.30pm (Sun)
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm


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