The Cheese and Chocolate Bar Buffet @ The Club, Marina Bay Sands

Every night at 8pm, The Club located at level 57 of Marina Bay Sands is transformed into a beautiful decadent display of chocolate desserts and pastries, taking you on a gastronomical journey as the myriad of textures and flavours tease and rapture.

Be enthralled by 40 chocolate themed desserts and 12 different types of fine cheeses from France, Italy, Spain and the UK as Executive Pastry Chef Ryan Witcher and his team entertains and tempts with their hand-crafted creations available at this one-of-a-kind dessert pinnacle experience.


I was extremely impressed with my last visit to The Chocolate Bar about 2 years back and that indulgent evening easily found its way to the top of my list of Chocolate Buffets in Singapore, yet to be displaced since. With a gorgeous view of our city skyline with all its lights complimented by the evening breeze blowing ever so gently and spontaneously, savouring desserts have never been more alluring.


Needless to say, I was thrilled to be back for an elevated and heightened experience of the newly introduced Cheese and Chocolate Bar Buffet, where the incorporation of a cheese bar coupled with six specially paired wines is set to tip the scales and bring the already glorious Chocolate Buffet to a whole new level.

Chocolate, Cheese and Wine. Need I say more?


The introduction of the Cheese Bar offers a spread of hard, soft, blue and goat cheeses for the discerning caseophile and the everyday cheese lover. From the familiar Cheddar and Swiss to exotic choices of Tomme and Red Leicester, you will not be disappointed. Complete the sophistication with a glass of wine and be spoilt silly.


From the Chocolate Buffet, while the classics flavors of creaminess, bitter notes and milky waves remain, Chef Ryan jazzes things up a little with his creations by combining unique elements of basil, pina colada and edible flowers for a surprising yet gratifying result.


It is said that more than 250 kg of chocolate from 20 different varieties are used each week to make all the desserts and pastries at the Chocolate Bar with techniques of melting and cooling used by Chef and his team to ensure that the textures and tastes of the chocolate are smooth, silky and consistent.


Wash down the sweetness with a pot of TWG tea offered from the Drinks menu or cleanse the palate with a wedge of cheese paired with some crackers or bread sticks to switch things up before you venture forward to complete the quest of trying all 40 desserts.


Our picks that evening include the Salted Caramel Nougat Slice, S’mores, Strawberry-Basil Truffle Pop and Pralines that had us going for seconds and even thirds. The adventurous will take to the Pina Colada Agar with Rosemary Infused Milk Chocolate and the Bontanica which features Sicilian Pistachio Sable. Either way it is guaranteed to be a sugar rushed evening.


Before you leave, do not forget to visit the only live station at the Cheese and Chocolate Bar for some doughnuts that you can customize on your own with vanilla, match, chocolate and cinnamon powder. Shake them all up with the brown paper bag provided before your pour them out and pop them into your mouth.

Do note that the variety of desserts and pastries change regularly and are subject to the discretion of Chef Ryan and his team- which also means that weekly visits will remain exciting and varied as the selection will always be different.


Adult $48++ Child $24++

An additional surcharge applies on eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays

Optional Wine pairing
Classic : $19++ per pax
Deluxe : $27++ per pax


Sands Skypark
The Club at Marina Bay Sands
Hotel Tower 2
Reservations : 6688 8858

Opening hrs: 8pm to Midnight daily


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