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My recent trip to Macau two weeks ago was nothing short of memorable. Truth being, it was my maiden trip and I had zero expectations about the place. Apart from some research I had done prior about Asia’s Las Vegas with its rich Portuguese culture and heritage, I was planning to simply explore the place with an open mind.

Macau, as most of you know, was a former Portuguese colony and only returned back to the People’s Republic of China back in 1999. Geographically wise, its territory is divided into 3 main areas- the Macau Peninsular (where the majority of the people reside), and two other outlying islands namely Taipa and Coloane, all of which are conveniently connected by bridges, making commuting from one island to the next, a breeze.


In this round up, we have neatly divided up the must eat places in Macau into its 3 regions for easy navigation and route planning for your convenience. From street snacks, simple eateries, Hong Kong style cafes and even high end restaurants, this renowned gambling destination proved also to be a gourmand’s paradise with heaps to offer for the foodie in you.

Read on for our 10 Places To Eat in Macau.


1) Tai Lei Kok Kei (大利来记):

18, Largo Governador Tamagnini Barbosa, Taipa


One of the more prominent landmarks of Taipa Village, Tai Lei Kok Kei is hard to miss with its snaking long queues for their famous Pork Chop Bun MOP30. Choose from either the regular crisp freshly baked buns or the sweet polo (pineapple) buns to sandwich your juicy marinated savory piece of pork chop. We opted for the latter and enjoyed the beautiful marriage and balance of flavors in every bite. A classic that truly delivers.


Their Chicken Wing MOP55 with its sticky honey marinate was also absolutely delectable.


2) Pui Kei (沛記):

25 Rua do Cunha, Taipa


A couple of streets down, the main lane of Rua do Cunha is home to many foodie gems. One of which is a Hong Kong styled Cha Chaan Teng with its cramped space, bustling and brisk service, comfort food and yes impatient waitresses all included. We were lucky to catch them open when we dropped by on a Sunday morning. Being a family-run business, opening hours are often unpredictable though word has it that a visit on days from Thursday to Sunday are quite safe.

Known to have the best Crispy Pork Chop Noodle in town with a generous slab of schnitzel, we made the wrong order due to miscommunication and had the regular Pork Chop Noodle MOP21 instead which was still extremely flavorful and has us talking till this day. Just remember to opt for the dry version and add a sunny side egg MOP4 to the mix. You will not regret it.


3) Gelatina Mok Yi Kei (莫義記):

9, Rua do Cunha, Taipa.
Opening hrs: 7.00am till 11.00pm (daily)


After a satisfying meal at Pui Kei, take a short walk down the lane and you will find Mok Yi Kei just at the intersection. It is too hard to miss. Home to all kinds of desserts, ice-creams and puddings, their best seller of all, is still their Durian Ice-cream MOP23 which tastes like real frozen durian pulp instead of artificial durian essence.


4) San Hou Lei (新好利咖啡餅店):

13-14, Rua de Regador, Nogsa Senhora do Carmo, Taipa
Opening hrs: 7.30am till 6.30pm (daily)


Make a pit stop at San Hou Lei Café for an egg tart sampling. There are 3 flavors- Regular MOP9, Steamed Milk MOP9 and the popular Bird’s Nest MOP12 sold here at the cafe. Most usually just stop by for a takeaway but the queues are still unescapable. I was a little disappointed with the latter though, with its way too subtle bird’s nest flavor but the tart casings were undoubtedly crisp, flaky and light. The Steamed Milk variation was the most memorable for us.



5) Kam Chinbéng / Egg Crisps (减蛋金钱饼):

One of the largest square on the Macau Peninsula, and also inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Senado Square is one of Macau’s most famous tourist attractions. The square is almost always filled with crowds of people, regardless of the time of day or whether it is a weekday or weekend. This space is also home to many hawkers with makeshift stalls. One of the more notable ones is the stall selling Kam Chinbéng, usually located on the right side of the square when you enter from the main road.


These gold coin biscuits or Egg Crisps MOP10/100gm are made on the spot and served fresh from the pan. The turnover rate is so high that a new batch is made every few minutes. This hawker could hardly stop to take a breather because the queue just kept getting longer. A simple bake of egg, flour and sugar, these crisps were a great snack to hit the road with. And they stayed crisp even till the next day. Tested and proven.


6) Wong Chi Kei (黃枝記):

17 Largo do Senado, Macau
Open daily: 8am – 12 midnight


A few steps away is Wong Chi Kei- a 3 storey noodle and congee house that has been around since 1946. Obviously no stranger to tourists, the menus are in both English and Chinese- an unusual sight for eateries here in Macau. Offering an extensive list of braised noodles, congee, rice dishes and fried snacks, the restaurant is also always packed- yes even at 3pm on a Monday. We recommend their Fresh Crab Congee MOP75 which comes with real crab meat and its crab shell for added authenticity. The congee itself was silky and smooth, sweetened by the flavor of the crab. Comforting and satisfying.

7) Yee Shun Milk Company (義順牛奶公司):

7 Senado Square, Macau


Fans of the famous Yee Shun Milk Company in Hong Kong will be pleased to know that the branch originated from Macau and yes they do sell their 双皮奶 here as well. The Double Steamed Milk Pudding MOP28 appears most unassuming but a spoonful of wobbly silken smooth textured double skinned pudding will leave you speechless. Available in both hot and cold, we thoroughly enjoyed the hot version.

Those on the Cotai Strip can get a taste of this goodness from the food court of The Venetian Macao. We went for seconds and had 2 bowls on our second night. Add MOP4 for a scoop of red bean.


8) Cheong Kei (祥記麵家):

68 (G/F), Rua da Felicidade
Opening hrs: 12.30pm until midnight


A discreet little eatery along Rua da Felicidade, this noodle house is famous for their signature Shrimp Roe Noodles ‘Har Zi Lo Meen’ MOP26. Interesting textures and flavours, it is nothing like what we have here in Singapore. Some may find it a tad too dry while others may prefer it to be more al dente. Nonetheless, there is no denying the rich umami flavor of the shrimp roe. Order a side of mixed Fried Wanton and Mace Balls MOP35 that make great fillers and munchies.



9) Lord Stow’s Bakery:

1 Rua da Tassara, Coloane
Open daily: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm (Closes at 6:00pm on Wednesday)


Everyone says you have not been to Macau until you have had a taste of their Portuguese Egg Tarts and rightfully so, we wholeheartedly agree. The bakery that first took the whole by storm when it opened in 1989, Lord Stow’s now has franchises all over Asia as well. And though there was an outlet conveniently located at The Grand Cannal Shoppes, Venetian Macau (right next door to the Four Seasons where we were staying), we insisted on visiting the original bakery located at Coloane where it all first started.

Each Portuguese Egg Tart MOP8 is baked fresh and best eaten piping hot. If you are not in a rush, have a seat at their cafe down the road which also offers savories, cakes and drinks to complete your meal. These tarts are sold in boxes of 6 and are packaged in a way that they still remain intact through the plane ride so you can bring some home for the family as well.


10) Restaurante Fernando (法蘭度餐廳):

9 Praia de Hac Sa, Coloane Island
Opening hrs: 12 noon onwards


A little further away from Lord Stow’s on Coloane, is the Hac Sa beach where one of the oldest Macanese family-run restaurants resides. Offering authentic Portuguese/Macanese food since 1986, the space is huge with two dining rooms and a courtyard, with indoor and al fresco options for diners. The menu is extremely extensive and portions are huge- great for sharing.


Recommendations include Fernando’s Style Clams MOP132, the Fried Prawns with Garlic MOP188, Charcoal-Grilled Codfish MOP158 and Oven-Roasted Suckling Pig MOP152. Even the huge complimentary bread rolls baked in-house were so fluffy and crusty. I had to remind myself to keep space for the rest of the food as it was too easy to finish those rolls, especially when slathered in butter.

Service too was surprisingly good and efficient with the servers giving helpful recommendations on the portions we should be ordering- a far cry from the negative reviews we had read online. Guess we got lucky that day!


All photos in this post were taken with a Canon 650D, 18-55mm lens.

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  3. missuschewy says:

    Since when did u become a Canon convert! Haha

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  6. Some of my favourite places and the best “schnitzel” at pui kei as I always describe it along with the mee pok rendition. Always with egg :)

    Some of the places listed I find are mediocre tourist traps and san hei lou have to agree birds nest not so nice, they do Po’tarts best I think.

    Curry fish balls at 大利来 also very nice :)

  7. Paul says:

    The first place listed, with the awesome pork sandwich, is located in peninsula district as well. Definitely opt for the pineapple bun. Cheers
    Travessa D s. Domingos.

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