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Barely 3 days after the opening of Common Man Coffee Roasters, Spa Esprit Group strikes again with boCHINche, conveniently located just upstairs from the former. A collaboration with renowned Argentinian chef Diego Jacquet, boCHINche introduces a refreshing concept of Argentinian cuisine served in small plates- inspired by Spanish tapas. Seeking to reinvent the misconception that the cuisine is all about beef and barbequed meats, the 100-seater restaurant is instead a celebration of the diversity of Argentinian food and its robust flavors.


I recently got the opportunity to try their newly introduced Weekend Brunch – served only on Saturdays and Sundays (11am-3.30pm), and after getting a taste of what Chef Jacquet had to offer, I dare say that boCHINche might just be giving their neighbours downstairs a run for their money.

The ambiance and mood of the place was what first caught my eye. Choose from either an interactive experience at the bar counter seats with the chefs, a low lit and cozy setting indoors or the comforting sunny outdoors at the al fresco area, your weekend is off to a great start either way.


From the Brunch menu itself, these were the highlights I personally picked out for you…

Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs with red onions, capers & dill cream cheese $24

Some quintessential breakfast items of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and homemade toasted baguette in this one. A beautiful combination of elements so seemingly simple, pulled together effortlessly by the spread of cream cheese. Those scrambled eggs- spot on creamy and luscious, runny even, while the piquant sourish notes from the capers added a nice balance. Great start.


Organic poached eggs on toast, braised ossobuco & chives hollandaise $25

Poached eggs for breakfast? Boring and pedestrian maybe. But definitely not these ones by boCHINche. I am not quite sure what was more alluring- the flowing lava yolk of the eggs, the amazing tenderness and succulence of the braised veal shanks or that richness of the hollandaise that made this picture perfect. All I know is that the defining moment which weakened me into submission, was that burst of flavour in my mouth when I got a taste of everything in a single bite. Personal favourite of the day.


House chorizo sausage, braised ox cheeks & caramelized onions $25

Another contender for my affection that morning were these gorgeous ox cheeks with salty notes of chorizo. Meltingly soft in texture but still luxuriously beefy and retaining a bite, complimented by the sweetness of the caramelized onions, this dish had bags of flavour. Memorable.


Grilled asparagus, fried hen eggs, pastrami & truffle dressing $23

Something a little more straightforward and perhaps kinder on the waistline, we had some crunchy grilled asparagus paired with runny fried eggs and thinly sliced pastrami. I did struggle to find the truffle in the dressing for this though. Could be better.


Provoleta, almonds & honey $17

For a taste of something iconically Argentinian, I strongly recommend this pan of Provoleta- essentially grilled provolone cheese till it has pull-apart characteristics. Gooey and savoury with a little crust, the addition of almond flakes and generous douse of honey injected an interesting medley of flavours. Intriguing.

Tip: Do ask the servers to warm the pan up for you again if the cheese starts to cool down and harden. This is best enjoyed piping hot with a sticky consistency.


“Pan & Manteca” | House baked bread & salted butter $7

To soak up all the salty and rich goodness from the Provoleta pan, do not forget to order a basket of house baked bread that comes in different varieties for you to choose. Alternatively, slather on some of that rich salted butter and the result is almost just as good.


Beef “chimichurri” burger v2.0 (with provolone cheese, tomato, onions, pancetta & fried egg) $28

Not forgetting those in need of a hearty hangover meal, this burger might just be your answer. Stacked to a good height with the necessary fillings, I thought it had the right balance of greasiness and comfort to soothe that dreary headache. Size wise might be a tad dissatisfying for the dudes though.


Brioche French toast, grilled white peaches, lemon curd, toasted almonds & house vanilla ice cream $19

Aint no brunch complete without some french toasts and I gotta say the combination of sweet brioche with peaches and lemon curd- genius! The curd with its tartness and spreadable charm cut through the sweetness with ease and made it refreshing without being heavy at all. Two thumbs up.


“Dulce de leche” crème brulee & banana split ice cream $17

Paying tribute to a well loved Argentinian sweet treat, the crème brulee is given a twist with the infusion of the characteristic thick caramel paste that lent a creaminess and intense sweetness to this indulgent dessert. The banana split ice-cream while unique and addictive, was not exactly the best match for the torched custard. The two were probably better off eaten separately.


Milk cake, passion fruit sorbet & toasted almonds $14

For something different and interesting, this milk cake made of layers of condensed milk sponge turned out surprisingly delightful. To avoid its cloying sweetness, eat it with the passion fruit sorbet which compliments it and refreshes your palate at the same time. Noteworthy.


In all, boCHINche truly delivers a ruckus of flavours in their food. For a first timer with Argentinian cuisine, I was impressed with both the exciting myriad of colours and textures each dish offered and the finesse of its plating. The food here is all about quality, vibrance and boldness, it will be hard to resist coming back time and time again.

Thank you Spa Esprit Group for the wonderful hospitality and for allowing me to discover a hidden gem!


22 Martin Road, #02-01
Singapore 239058

Opening hrs:
Tuesday – Friday
(Lunch) 12 – 3pm
(Dinner) 5.30pm – 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays


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  1. Food Esteem says:

    Looks like a nice place for a relaxing brunch :)

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