CNY ’14: Wealth Blossoms with Xin Cuisine’s Culinary Creations

Xin Cuisine at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium presents an elaborate wealth of flavours and feasts to usher into the Lunar New Year of the Horse this year. The festive treats and set menus offered at the restaurant during this season are a majestic reflection of prosperity to ensure that you herald in an auspicious year of wealth through your doors.


Xin’s Superior Seafood Yusheng
Ala Carte $488, included in the Auspicious Blossoms Set Menu $2014

Go big or go home seems to be the mantra of Xin Cuisine each year when it comes to Yusheng and this year’s creation does not disappoint with its two-part centrepiece of a horse (deftly fashioned by Chef freehand) and a grand ice sculpture of sashimi.


Delicate moulds of Gold Leaf Australian Lobster, Salmon, Tuna, Japanese Sweet Prawn, Geoduck Clam and Ikan Parang displayed on each level of ice with some dry ice added for a dramatic display.


Double-boiled Dumpling Soup with Seafood and Truffle
$10 per person

While Bird’s Nest seems to be the popular alternative to Sharks’ Fins this year at most Chinese New Year offerings, Xin Cuisine offers a humbler option instead with a hearty dumpling filled with seafood and shaved truffle instead. The double-boiled soup certainly does not short-change with its depth of flavour and nourishing properties all intact.

For those wanting something a tad more luxurious, there is also a Doubled-boiled Bird’s Nest with Alaska Crab going for $65 per serving.


Lobster and Fish Roe with Scrambled Egg
$48 (small), $72 (medium), $96 (large)

Embrace a touch of opulence with this elegant platter of sweet succulent lobster meat on a bed of white scrambled eggs topped with caviar. This was definitely a favourite at the table among the diners though the roe might have been a wee bit fishy for my liking.


Poached Garoupa with Fresh Mushroom in Superior Soup

Always a classic at every Chinese New Year, the fish dish is believed to bring in surplus for the year and hence it is customary at all dinners. Xin prepares theirs steamed with fresh mushrooms and filleted for your convenience. The soup was extremely tasty with nuances of Chinese herbs and I could not help finishing my portion, down to the last drop. That graphic and almost lifelike fish head though can be too much for some to handle.


Traditional Pen Cai
$368 (large), $268 (small)


Dive into a treasure trove of luxurious ingredients with Xin Cuisine’s range of Pen Cais. We had the Traditional version and thoroughly enjoyed the two servings we had from the multi-layered pot. The top layer of Sio Bak was a crowd pleaser and added a delightful crisp to the usual moist and absorbent mushrooms, sea cucumbers and radishes.


‘Home-style’ Roast Duck with Tea Leaves
$68 whole

The highlight of the evening however had to be Xin Cuisine’s signature roast duck smoked with tea leaves. A mainstay in the ala carte menu which is available all through the year, this duck charms with its gleaming crackling skin and holds its own even among the extravagant festive creations. The meat itself was utmost tender and succulent, truly deserving a return visit just for it alone.


Deep-fried Soursop with Bailey’s Chocolate
Deep-fried Xin’s ‘Nian Gao’

$9 for 3

Always one to experiment with flavours, Chef brings a refreshing concoction of soursop and chocolate deep fried into a fritter this year. While the combination might seem strange, the taste surprisingly was a tremendous hit. Beautiful contrast of sweet and sour with the flowing creamy texture of the filling complimenting the crisp exterior. Two thumbs up!


Call 6731 7173 for reservations and enquiries.

Holiday Inn Atrium
Outram Rd
Level 4
Singapore 169075


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