CNY ’14: Peranakan-Inspired Lunar New Year Feast at INDOCAFE – the white house

Premium Straits-Peranakan dining establishment INDOCAFE – the white house located along Scotts Road proudly launches its first ever Chinese New Year reunion set, featuring a lavish ten-course menu which they grandly dub the Magnificent Harvest of Abundance & Fortune Reunion Menu.

I had initially closed my CNY posts for the year already but when Derrick kindly extended an invite to this Peranakan-Inspired Lunar New Year Feast, I could not resist because I am always up for introducing new and interesting places to my readers and this was definitely a unique twist on reunion feasting for CNY.

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Available from 18 January to 18 February, the dishes on this exclusive menu promises bags of Nonya flavours and spices, coupled with hints of nostalgic familiarity especially for families with Peranakan ancestral roots.


Flourishing Brilliance Yu Sheng

We start with the customary Yu Sheng with a selection of Mekajiki, Salmon and Tuna. While the appearance seems rather unremarkable, you will only be able to tell what is truly special when you take the first bite. The secret is in that homemade spiced sauce used to dress the Yu Sheng, bearing subtle notes of curry nuances that was appetizing without being too spicy.


This Yu Sheng $88++ with abalone and $68++ without, can also be ordered separately as a dine-in à la carte or as take-away where diners get to bring it home for another round of the auspicious tossing with both family and friends.


Tossing to a prosperous Year of the Horse!


Treasures of the Sea Platter

Catching our eye that evening was definitely the presentation of this cold dish platter, with each element individually displayed in wicker baskets. The rustic feel was further complimented by abalone slices and succulent jelly fish snugly packed into real abalone shells while that Scallop Kueh Pie Tee was certainly an indulgent step-up from the usual.

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The unanimous favourite however were the chunks of sweet King Crab meat served atop Emping Belinjo. The characteristic bitterness of the Belinjo crackers was a delightful match with the crustacean, which was really quite unexpected- in every positive way.

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Glorious Fortune Consommé

Refreshing, light yet robust, this consommé was richly flavoured with oyster, sea moss, fresh wong bok greens and premium Kurobuta pork ribs.

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Harvest of Immense Opulence

Meat lovers will take to these fork-tender Kurobuta pork belly meat slices accompanied by a savoury fermented bean paste marinade. I was personally enamoured from the start because the aroma was just too tempting and irresistible. Lovely to eat on its own and even tastier when dipped in the bean paste.

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Bouquet of Content & Bliss

Jumbo prawns drenched in a dry gravy of aromatic spices, this next dish has a fiery kick to it. Request for some of their homemade Sambal Belachan if you wish to take it up a notch higher. I did and boy was I glad I made that choice. Yum!

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Pinnacle of Success

Prepared Baba-style, this whole chicken was first rubbed in masala spice before roasting. Moist and tender and served with even more crispy crackers to munch on, the kids will sure to love this.

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Abundance of Boundless Triumph

Choose to enjoy your steamed Red Garoupa with either Nonya Spices or Dao Cheong infusion which are spicy and non-spicy respectively to better cater to your group’s preference. We had the Nonya version which had a more Assam-sourish tinge more than it was spicy so those with a lower tolerance for spiciness need not worry too much.

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Ushering Wealth & Good Fortune

On a lighter note, the next course of Braised Wong Bok with Sea Cucumber, Abalone and Wolfberries delights with its mildly sweet and delicate flavour- appealing more to the older folks.

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Bountiful Ocean Treasures

The highlight of the evening however, had to be this blackened Fried Rice smothered in Buah Keluak paste combined with prawns, scallops and crab meat, which will have me gladly busting my calorie count of the day just for one more bowl. Too addictive and delicious.

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Everlasting Peace & Harmony

Wash down all the spices and intensity of flavours with a ginger syrup soup that is simple yet so fragrant and aids in the digestion of the ten courses which you just enjoyed. The glutinous rice balls however could do with less flour and more red bean paste filling.

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The ten-course Magnificent Harvest of Abundance & Fortune Reunion Menu is priced at $368++ for 4 persons, $478++ for 6 persons and $688++ for 8 persons.

For more enquiries, please call 6733 2656. Do note that the restaurant will be closed during the CNY period from 2 to 4 February 2014.

Thank you Roza and Nicole for hosting this wonderful meal!


All photos in this post were taken with a Canon 600D, 18-55mm lens.

35/35A Scotts Road
Singapore 228227

Opening hrs:
Daily from 12pm–3pm and 6pm–10:30pm


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