Anthesis Boulangerie, Bistro & Café

Inspired by the term used to describe the process by which a flower reaches its full bloom- Anthesis, is a 6 month old bakery and cafe joining the row of restaurants and eateries along Robertson Quay. Serving up a wide variety of international breads baked in-house every morning by Chief Baker Gan Eng Ling, daily brunch specials of eggs and toasts till late afternoon and a drinks menu comprising of artisan teas imported from Art of Tea in Los Angeles as well as a fair range of craft beers, Anthesis sure tries to differentiate itself from next door specialty coffee neighbours.


Our visit here was our 3rd and final stop of a cafe hopping trail we had been doing since early afternoon. Very naturally, having walked here all the way from Clarke Quay, we made a bee-line for the seats indoors and was promptly served with iced water- a welcoming gesture much appreciated by us.

We settled for an Eggs Done Three Ways, Truffle Fries and a pot of Chamomile Clementine to share between us both.

Served as three sliders, the Eggs Done Three Ways $16 as its name clearly describes, was a platter of eggs prepared in three different ways- poached, scrambled and fried, sandwiched in mini homemade brioche buns, accompanied by strips of bacon and sausages. Personally, I thought that the portion was pretty decent even for 2 persons while presentation was both appetizing and appealing. Taste wise, the frittata was unfortunately a tad dry while the hollandaise drizzled over the poached egg was strangely sweet and lacked richness in flavour. The buns though, fared much better with their lightness, flaky nature and buttery finish.


The Truffle Fries $12 with its shavings of Grana Padano Cheese was not too bad. For those who prefer a thicker cut of fries, these would be quite satisfying but if you were out to find the best truffle fries in Singapore, then they probably would not make the cut. I did however end up taking away an order of Truffle Fries for my sister who did not get to eat it till late at night and she thought it was still enjoyable albeit the sogginess.


Anthesis seats up to 70 both indoors and outdoors, and honestly if the weather is not too warm, the view from the al-fresco tables is rather scenic and idyllic. Fancy having your brunch and tea along the river as the day goes by, that feeling is pretty awesome. So while today’s food had its hits and misses, the overall experience was memorable. Service too was efficient and attentive.

As an added pull factor, there is no service charge here and GST is already included in the listed prices.

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All photos in this post were taken with a Canon 600D, 18-55mm lens.

86 Robertson Quay #01-01
Singapore 238245
Tel: 6737 9873

Opening hrs:
Tuesdays to Sundays: 8:30 am – 10:00 pm
Closed on Mondays


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