One Man Coffee @ Upper Thomson Road

The newest cafe to open in Upper Thomson Road, month old One Man Coffee has wisely decided to share the space of Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar instead of finding one of their own. ‘It makes perfect sense’, Sarah Jane Lin (one of the partners of One Man Coffee) lets on, ‘after all, the pizzeria only opens from 5pm onwards so we might as well share their rent’. Spoken like a true pragmatic especially when high rental costs are one of the main reasons why eateries are closing down so quickly these days.

One Man Coffee currently only has an all-day-brunch menu of five offerings featuring anything that can made using a pizza oven. But that constraint is hardly limiting as Sarah- a former chef at Immigrants Gastrobar is always game for a challenge and discloses that she is currently experimenting and will soon be introducing even more items to the menu. Baked eggs and grilled cheese anyone?


Coffee enthusiasts who flock here will be treated to a brew made from Melbourne’s Axil Coffee Roasters beans pulled by the expert hands of Sarah’s partner who has worked his way through many Melbourne cafes. An Espresso starts at $3 and an Iced Mocha is $6.50. Prices are also nett here.

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We tried their Toad in the Hole served with Bacon Jam $10 and French Toast Brioche with Homemade Berry Compote and Candied Walnuts $10 during our visit here on a weekday afternoon. Though there was a bigger obvious crowd seen at neighbour Habitat Coffee a few doors down, the quiet and solace which One Man Coffee offered was much more welcoming to me. The space was cosy, dimly lit- allowing just the right amount of sunlight to flow through their windows while furniture was woody, rustic but still stylish and put together.


The Toad in the Hole or simply an egg cracked open in a hole made on a slice of bread is usually easily done by frying it with a skillet. But Sarah did it with an oven and the result was a beautifully even browned toasted bread and a sunny-side egg done right with the yolk soft but not overly jiggly, flowing even, when poked at. The bacon jam served at the side had a nice spreadable consistency but still had chewy bits which made it even more satisfying.

I never say no to ordering French Toast especially when it is made with Brioche and this one comes pretty close to being one of the best I have had. Granted I would have definitely preferred having a scoop of ice-cream instead of fresh cream, the combination of the tart homemade berry compote with the sweetness of the candied chopped nuts on crisp toast was a lovely contrast of textures and a burst of flavours in the mouth. So worth busting your diet for.


For those who may want something lighter or dessert, One Man Coffee also carries pastries from Bakery Artisan Original (BAO) Bakery.

Go visit them before the crowds start coming in.


215R Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349

Opening hrs:
Mon-Sun 9am-5pm
Closed every Tuesday


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  1. Who’s yellow finger nails is that? keke

  2. alamak. I’m looking for a new cafe that serves real food, like with proteins, not carbs. Buzz me if you know any!

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