CUPPLETS Cafe + Bakery @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Hidden inside the Ngee Ann Poly campus at Blk 16, is a cutesy gem of a cafe called Cupplets run by ex-students of the school. If you are not a current student or ex-student of Ngee Ann, I will save you the trouble of turning a few rounds and getting lost in the process by telling you to head towards to the Sports Complex, walk pass the food court and you will see it. It is on the ground level.

This was meant to be a simple coffee-run with a fellow foodie friend of mine who is also a Westie but I ended up really impressed with the quality of the tarts and drinks we had there and decided to blog about it. But not just to share about the great find, but to also support the entrepreneurial spirit of our young people in Singapore.

And if you are one for the rustic aesthetics, mismatched tables and crockery, then Cupplets is the perfect place for you. It does make a much more affordable alternative compared to other whimsical vintage-feel cafes around the area that tend to overcharge for their ambiance.


Cupplets serves mainly cakes, tarts, muffins and brownies- the usual sweet stuff but savoury pies such as Chicken or Tuna are also available. The coffee beans are the same ones used at Common Man Coffee Roasters- I am no coffee expert but my coffee fanatic friend did enjoy her cuppa very much. I on the other hand, had a Matcha Latte that was beautifully rich and smooth- not to be missed by Matcha fans.

We could not quite decide on which tarts to try and when we asked what was good and popular, the guy behind the counter told us that everything was- which was not helpful at all. So eventually we settled for The All-Chocolate and Key Lime. All tarts are priced between $3.50 – $4.50 and other delectable-looking options on display include Lemon Meringue, Matcha and Salted Caramel.


Both tarts had a nice flaky crust reminiscent of cream crackers- interesting and a nice change from the usual buttery crumbly texture while the filling was light, fluffy, rich yet not cloyingly sweet. Two thumbs up! I will probably be back to try the other varieties since this place is so close to home!

And if you are interested in ordering whole cakes or dessert tables, Cupplets does them all. Do check out their website for more of their offerings, prices and contact details.

Photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 5S.


Ngee Ann Polytechnic
535 Clementi Road
Blk 16, #01-03
Singapore 599489

Opening hrs:
Mon – Fri 9AM – 7PM
Closed on PH
Operating hrs change during term breaks


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  1. What a nice discovery. Thanks for sharing this.

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