Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar @ Nucleos, 21 Biopolis Drive

Joining our burgeoning list of cafes in Singapore that serve up specialty coffee, is a new cafe in the west that is hidden beneath all the tall science buildings of the Biopolis, at level 1 of Nucleos to be exact. The name is Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar and not surprisingly, it is yet another one of those inaccessible hidden places that require 4 wheels to get to. Not that I am complaining because its lack of accessibility made it quite the perfect candidate for a hangout place to catch up with friends over some food and drinks on a public holiday afternoon. The cafe had just turned exactly 1 month old on the day we visited as the young aspiring owner- Samantha excitedly shared with us and while the menu they have right now is modest, Sam says that it will be expanding very soon.


The only ‘Brunch item’ on the current menu was the Eggs & Toast $9 (+ mushrooms $3 + smoked salmon $5) and so we ordered it. Our scrambled eggs were not too bad, rightfully creamy and runny while the ciabatta bread was worthy of a mention. On the down side however, we did not quite like how our salmon slices were cut so thickly and how the bacon were a little too crisp- we prefer our bacon to maintain some chewiness. Other mains include Cod Fish & Chips, Mac & Cheese and The Cheeseburger- all priced between $15-$18.


Snacks include Golden Fries, Onion Rings and Truffle Fries $6-$8. The latter were thick cut fries so if you are the shoestring sort, you might want to skip this. I tend to like my fries a little soggy and perfumed with truffle aroma so this bowl worked out pretty well for me. The portion was relatively generous too so it’s ideal for sharing.


At present, there are only 2 desserts on the menu- the Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie and the Smores Cake- both $8. The former, baked by the owner herself, had an interesting mix of flavours. Not too rich, somewhat chocolatey yet still moist and dense, this was a nice combination of cake and brownie. Those who love the richness of the cheese will probably miss that in this brownie though! The slice itself was quite big so we ordered an extra scoop of ice-cream to compliment it.


For the coffee aficionados, the beans used here are from Yahava Koffeeworks which originate from Australia and you can choose to have your coffee black, white or choc-based. My friend chose the latter and she did mention that the chocolate flavour was a tad overpowering so you might want to pick the first 2 options instead to appreciate the full body and acidity of the coffee here.

Service was great too, with the staff being all warm and friendly. Two thumbs up!

And prices here are nett by the way so do not forget to tip if you appreciated their service.

For more cafes in Singapore that do not charge for service or GST, check out my list of 25 Places To Eat in Singapore with Nett Prices.

Photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 5S.


21 Biopolis Drive
Nucleos #01-21
Singapore 138567

Opening hrs:
Mon – Sun: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm


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