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The Bécasse brand is no stranger to the Sydney dining scene. And now after creating waves there for their French-inspired European fare and glorious pastries, Bécasse has made its foray into Singapore, opening its first ever full-fledged restaurant, equipped with an open kitchen, seafood counter displaying the freshest catch, a modern luxe dining hall with a beautiful rear garden conservatory and complete with the luxurious postal code of Dempsey Hill.

Brought in by the Jones the Grocer group, Bécasse Dempsey Hill boasts of a wide and varied selection of items in their menu with notably unique dishes which you will not find else where. From Sticky Date Pancakes, to Moreton Bay Bugs, Rabbit Schnitzel and Oyster Mushroom Crepes, these are definitely not your regular run-of-the-mill courses that you find in other restaurants.





Bécasse serves Breakfast from 8am-12pm every day and till 3pm on weekends, Afternoon High Tea from 3-6pm daily and a Sharing Menu at all other times from 12pm onwards.

From the Small Plates of the Sharing Menu, we had their Anchovy Flat Bread $9 that was baked with a generous topping of chopped soft sweet onions and dressed with some thyme and lemon zest. The breads are all freshly baked on-site as well and might I add that the complimentary Sourdough served at the beginning paired with a spread of salted French butter is by far one of the best I have had in a while. We could not resist buying back a loaf to enjoy at home after that.


From the Salads section, choices include an exotic Pear & Roquefort Tarte Tatin, Burratini with charred peach and the Baked Beetroot with Goat’s chevre and hazelnuts- all priced between $13-$19. We had the King Crab Nicoise $19 which featured chunks of Alaskan King crab, green beans, potato and a luscious perfectly poached egg that made a lovely dressing when the yolk flowed. Perfect for the ladies and even for those who do not appreciate their greens.


Do not leave without trying an item or two from their Cold Seafood Bar. I was surprised to see Moreton Bay Bugs $23 on their menu and I knew I had to order them especially after having tried this item in Australia itself where the bugs are native to. Before you get all grossed out and irky, Moreton Bay Bugs are actually a cross between lobster and crayfish. In fact, it marries the best of both worlds with its sweetness, firm flesh and flavoursome meat. Really good when eaten alone and even better with a squeeze of lemon and a dip of chive mayonnaise.


Alternatively, the Seared Scallops $22 with broad bean puree and foie gras foam is a decadent option which delights with its perfect sear and tender buttery flesh.


And if you do come to Bécasse Dempsey Hill for breakfast, the Sticky Date Pancakes $13 are a definite must order. Think sticky date pudding presented in layers with a fluffy texture, bathed vicariously in butterscotch sauce, sliced bananas and a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. It tastes as good as its description and as enjoyable as it looks. It was surprisingly not too heavy either and easily finished without having to share. No more regular batter pancakes for me after I have had these sticky date ones. Yummy!


For desserts, do check out their range of cakes, tarts and pastries on display at the patisserie counter. Items like their Lemon Curd Tart, Banana Tart with Salted Peanut Butter Brittle and Vanilla Mille Feuille start at $4.90 while other fancier ones like the Gateaux Opera, Strawberry Mille Feuille and Summer Berry Eclair go for $6.90. Macarons are sold at $2 a piece.


I strongly recommend their Salted Caramel Tart $4.90 which flows when the tart is broken. The caramel itself is thick, luscious and buttery sweet while the specks of black salt adds an addictive punch of flavour with each bite. So worth the calories. Another one is the Rose & Lychee Mousse $4.90 which pleases with its elegant and dainty layers that is so light and ideal if you are almost full but just need something sweet to end the meal with.


Overall, Bécasse Dempsey Hill certainly lives up to its hype. The food was really not too bad at all, with some memorable highlights and items that I am willing to come back just to have again. It is refreshing to have a concept that brings something different to the table and if their standards remain consistent, I can definitely see myself coming back here time and time again for brunch with the girlfriends or dinner with my family.


Blk 10, Dempsey Hill
Singapore 247697

Opening hrs:
8am-11pm daily


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