Potato Head Folk @ 31 Keong Saik Road

Keong Saik Road just might be the next Tiong Bahru enclave with the recent popping up of hipster joints and cafes amidst the old-school traditional shophouses that still stand today. Potato Head Folk by Potato Head Bali is the newest kid in the neighbourhood to join the likes of The Study (formerly known as Keong Saik Snacks), Esquina, Afterglow and Muchachos. This outlet in Singapore marks the first international outpost for the Potato Head Group and takes over the iconic four-storey building which well-loved Tong Ah Eating House used to call home.

Potato Head Folk concentrates three different concepts into a single space- the first two levels are where Three Buns burger joint resides at, the third holds Studio 1939 (a drinking lounge) and the fourth boasts of a tropical garden which makes up The Rooftop bar where cocktails and BBQ items will be served.


We made our way here for lunch on a Saturday afternoon and even though the place has been barely opened for a month, it was already full house. Clearly everyone received the memo and was keen to check out Chef Adam Penny’s burger-centric menu and the whimsical, quirky and cheery interior of the restaurant which was specially designed by Australian artist David Bromley.

Everything on the menu sounded incredulously delicious and quite honestly, we were tempted to order everything. But since there were only 2 of us, we had to be more selective. Eventually, we decided to get a Naughty Fries $9, Wing-Its $8 and Baby Huey Burger $20 to share.


The Naughty Fries consists of sliced potatoes deep fried with their skins still on, doused generously with a combination of spiced creamy thick bernaise, chunks of minced beef and topped with crispy fried shallots for some Asian flavour. This was honestly the bomb and so sinfully good. Some might find it a little too much or heavy especially towards the end so do get a portion to share. Between the two of us however, we had no trouble finishing this clean.

For our next item, even though its name was Wings-It, we were instead served with a basket of drumlets marinated in smokey BBQ sauce. Hard to complain though when each chicken was delightfully addictive and finger-licking good. Do however remember to clean your fingers thoroughly after you are done with these, because things can get quite messy with all that sauce!


It was not very easy to choose a burger since we were only planning to try one. Options included Burning Man $24 with a 150g beef patty, smoked cheese, roasted jalapeno relish and dashi mayo, Honky-Tonk $19 featuring buttermilk fried chicken and coleslaw, Rambo $25 with a 150g lamb patty, feta, green chilli and cumin aioli, etc. In the end, we settled for the most basic of the lot- Baby Huey with a 150g beef patty, cheese, spiced mayo and their homemade T.O.M sauce.

Another reason why you should not wear white when you come here (which I unfortunately did), the burger was so juicy and saucy, the paper wrap could hardly contain all its goodness. Was it good? Yes most definitely! Is this the Best Burger in Singapore at the moment? I am very inclined to say yes. Remind me to wear dark-coloured clothing for my next visit here because I am certainly coming back for more.


Desserts here are fairly straightforward with only 2 pot head options available- Rich Chocolate and Zesty Lemon, both $6. We were not really feeling either so we skipped dessert and went off somewhere else instead to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the food that we had here and the atmosphere too was extremely chilled, laidback and convival even- somewhat like being at a party with all the hand-painted murals that adorned the walls and low lying colourful flags that hung from the ceilings. Definitely worth a visit, even if just for novelty sake.


36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143
Tel: 6327 1939

Opening hrs:
Tue-Sun 11am-12am
Closed on Mondays


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