Dian Xiao Er Introduces Healthier Dining Choices

Partnering Health Promotion Board (HPB) for their Healthier Dining Programme, Dian Xiao Er is rolling out a new menu come 18 July 2014, which will feature healthier dining choices, focusing more on nutrition and portion, without compromising on flavour or taste. In addition, informative features such as calorie contribution labels, healthier choices logos and recommended calorie allowances are also tagged to the dishes for consumers to make informed choices when placing their orders.

Not just that, this Chinese restaurant chain is also one of the first in the industry, to switch over to rice bran oil for their cooking. Believed to be high in anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and cholesterol-inhibiting compounds, Rice Bran Oil is one of the healthier cooking oils in the market. The flavour is also rather subtle so you can hardly detect the difference in the food as compared to if regular vegetable oils were used.


Two weeks back, we were given the opportunity to sample some of the dishes that Dian Xiao Er would be introducing in their upcoming menu and here are some of our favourites.

Starting with the soups, the Double-boiled Wintermelon Soup w Conpoy $7.30 and Double-boiled Black Chicken Soup $7.30 were easily the crowd-pleasers with their comforting warmth and herbal-y touch. The Stewed Crocodile Soup w Sweet Almonds & Chuan Bei $7.60 on the other hand, while a bit difficult to get used to at the beginning (especially for foreigners), turned out to be the most nourishing of the lot and is supposedly extremely beneficial for lung problems and joint pains. I was a tad hesitant to take a sip but was glad I did because truth be told, it did not taste anything out of the ordinary. It was just a bowl of really good soup packed with collagen.


Another highlight that evening was this Hong Kong Style Steamed Silver Cod Fish $26.90 that was so delicately smooth, it simply melted in our mouths. The cod fish was superbly fresh and lightly steamed with sliced ginger before it was dressed in superior sauce. If this is considered healthy food, I will be happy eating healthy everyday!


For something more substantial with stronger flavours, the Claypot Braised Sea Cucumber, Mushroom & Pork Tendon $26 is a great pick. Those who love sea cucumbers will definitely warm up to this one while those who do not, like me, will enjoy the meaty whole mushrooms and collagen filled pork tendons that had soaked up all that gravy. This was a little on the salty side though! Might want to watch your sodium levels for this one.


Nothing to complain about the Seafood Combo w Assorted Vegetables $15.60 which is and always will be a fail-safe dish to order at family dinners because it is suitable for both young and old. Dian Xiao Er prepared this as a simple stir-fry, allowing the freshness and sweetness of the seafood and vegetables to stand out.


In conjunction with the launch of this new and improved menu, Dian Xiao Er has added some incentives for you to dine healthy. Simply take a photo of a ‘Healthier Choice’ dish from the restaurant, post it on the Dian Xiao Er‘s Facebook page and be the first 50 to get 50 likes on your photo to win a $20 voucher. 50 winners will be picked every week so everyone definitely stands a chance. Contest ends 25 July 2014.

And that is not all! Collect 5 stamps from any of the dining establishments (Dian Xiao Er, Jack’s Place, Subway, Fish & Co. etc) participating in the HPB Loyalty Card Programme and stand a chance to win up to $300,000 in their lucky draws. Contest ends 25 Oct 2014.

Good luck!


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#02-09 NEX
Singapore 556083
Tel: (65) 6634 4828

Opening hrs
Mon – Fri: 1130 – 1500 and 1730 – 2200
Sat – Sun: 1130 – 2200


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