Whale & Cloud @ 48 Niven Road (Selegie)

A couple of us crazy girls decided to embark on our cafehopping trip at 9am on a rainy Saturday morning. Reasons being, this discreet and hidden gem of a cafe only opens on selected weekends (word has it that it is only Saturdays now!), we heard that practically everyone was making plans to visit it that same weekend and knew that it had such a cosy space that was way too small to accommodate a crowd. So we went there bright and early to secure a table and mind you, we were still not the first to arrive when we reached.

There is nothing not to love about this place. It has a cutesy name- Whale & Cloud, the route to the cafe feels like an adventure itself, entry is only via the door along the back alley, you have to knock on it before the door is opened for you and when it does, it feels like walking into a whimsical wonderland of trinkets thrown together for that homely feeling. The red bricked wall, the vintage Cathay cinema seats, the bakes on sale for the day sitting on an oven top and the stalks of Baby’s Breath adding a touch of femininity to the place- clearly the owner takes pride in the details and it shows at every corner of the cafe.


Although we were told that the owner bakes her own cakes and cookies to sell sometimes, the ones we had last week were from Kisses Bakery instead. Not complaining because I got to try their Red Velvet Slice $4 and amazing Carrot Cake $5 that was so moist and rich with that layer of thick cream cheese. I would have ordered a few more to takeaway if I was going straight home that day! Not sure if the owner will eventually decide to bake her own or cater from Kisses Bakery but either way, there will definitely be sweet treats on the table when you are there (while stocks last!).


Other items on sale at Whale & Cloud include chocolates, bags of coffee beans, cooking books and even Kinfolk which the owner has brings back from her trips overseas so almost everything here is technically “limited edition”.


For you coffee lovers, no visit to a cafe these days is complete without a good cuppa. While we were here, the beans used were Omotesando Koffee, imported all the way from Japan. But I was later told that the coffee beans are never quite consistent because the owner will bring back different types of beans from other parts of the world each time she travels. So think of it as taking a caffeine tour around the world every time you visit this place. Oh yes, and while there are fixed prices for the baked goods, the prices for the coffee are based on a tipping system so you can pay how much you like. Each cuppa comes with a complimentary handful of iced gem biscuits too!


Look out for this sign when you are walking along the back alley and do not attempt to open the door without first knocking because it will always be locked! Do also follow them on instagram (@whalencloud) to find out which weekends they are open. Am certainly making plans to come back again on an early Saturday/Sunday morning.


48¾ Niven Road
Singapore 228396

Opening hrs:
Selected Saturdays & Sundays
9am – 4pm


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