Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar

Priding itself as an all-day American diner & bar, Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar which opened at the beginning of this year has been earning raves for its bar grub served in large portions, all-day-breakfast and affordable selection of alcoholic beverages- wines in particular start from $6 a glass. Recently, the already-extensive menu has been updated to include even more choices for waffles and a newly curated wine list featuring bottles imported from all around the world such as France, Italy, Lebanon and even Slovakia.


We dropped by one Sunday morning for brunch and already most of the tables had a ‘reserved’ tag on them. By lunch time, the diner was filled with mostly foreigners digging into hearty portions of burgers and fries, washing it all down with a glass or two of rose wine. The atmosphere was laidback, casual and even comforting.

The BBQ Back Ribs $22 (half)/$28 (full) from the list of Mains came highly recommended from the server. It is apparently one of their best sellers too. Succulent and juicy, the meat came off the bone easily. And having been marinated overnight, every bite was tasty and slathered unforgivingly in thick sweet BBQ sauce. Not too bad and great for sharing.


Teddy’s US Beef Burger $20 comes with a 180g patty and is paired with a fluffy brioche bun made fresh every morning. The burger definitely made a statement with those hanging strips of fried crispy bacon and melted cheese while the brioche buns were quite the highlight for me. Was not a huge fan of the beef patty though, which was a little dry and flat.


From the list of All-Day-Breakfast items, we tried their Eggs Roosevelt $17 which was their take on the usual Eggs Benedict. This version had chorizo and smashed potato. Loved the seasoning of the smashed potato which was a little spicy and salty, the poached eggs bled beautifully and the slices of chorizo added texture to the overall dish. Our only gripe was the hollandaise sauce- too thin and too little.


If you still have space for desserts at this point in time, I highly recommend the Churros Waffles $12 served with a chocolate and mocha sauce on the side. Think churros in a waffles form. The waffles at Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar are made with three different types of flour- glutinous, rice and corn starch, producing that crisp exterior and chewy interior. Smothered with cinnamon sugar and topped with a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice-cream? We approve!


Overall, Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar delivers what it had set out to be- an unpretentious diner serving up hearty American fare to be enjoyed with a beer, glass of wine or cocktail. The food was generally enjoyable and the service was attentive and sincere. It is a great place to come for your next large-group gathering or outing and everyone will have a good time.

Thank you Amanda for the invite and Ying for hosting us!


331 New Bridge Road
#01-02 Dorsett Residences
Singapore 088764
T: 6538 3518

Opening hrs:
Mon-Thur: 8.30am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 8.30am-12 midnight
Sun: 8am-10pm


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  1. xin says:

    love the first pic! churros waffles…fabulous idea, although that pic needed more chocolate and mocha all over it!

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