Staycation: Hotel Clover @ 33 Jalan Sultan

I love hotels; not as much as I love food but there’s something fun and rebellious about checking in to a place where you are expected to make a mess and swipe the mini toiletries. You know what I’m talking about; don’t pretend you don’t love the frills of staying in a hotel – cable TV, comfy room slippers, crisp bed linen, bottled water, separate towels for hand, face and body…the list goes on.


And this awesome staycation with the BFF happened at the newly minted Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan which only opened in July this year. Housed in a row of 17 two-storey conserved shophouses, the hotel is equipped with a total of 88 rooms and suites and everything I mentioned earlier plus unlimited internet access so folks can Google or Instagram their way around the quaint, café-spotted neighbourhood.


So I find it ironic that Hotel Clover’s tagline is “Simplicity in Luxury” because although everything may appear simple, if you stop to take it all in, an enormous amount of effort has been spent on the innovative room designs and the local-inspired décor which feature interiors of rich wood and intricately handpicked finishings and plush beds.



Check out our 4-in-1 room – the green side gardens provide relaxation for the eyes but I would loved a splash of colour in the form of flowers. On second though, they probably decided against it for fear of birds and bees.


Although, our room lacked a full-length mirror, we were not going on any hot dates so that was not the main concern. We were more disappointed that they do not deliver breakfast to the rooms i.e. breakfast in bed. Let me be clear here, room service is provided up till 10pm but they do not do breakfast in bed. Darn. But I guess that is because they want guests to enjoy the semi-buffet breakfast offered at the property’s resident restaurant- Clover Garden.


Now let’s be honest, why do staycations? If we wanted to spend the money, we could have gone overseas. However, staycations offer the best of worlds, a quick getaway without the hassle of actually travelling to another country! It truly is a great way to explore another part of the Lion city. It is sheltered 80% of the way from Mountbatten MRT station and a healthy walk to Bugis Junction and Bugis so no worries about being cut off from civilisation.


Room rates, are not particularly pricey for the Select Garden and Clover Queen rooms; may cost a $150 or so, depending on the season (peak/off-peak). Gone are the days of your run-of-the-mill boutique hotels with only queen and twin rooms. Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan also offers a Loft Family Suites and a Garden Suite with Jacuzzi, which one may consider shelling out another $200 or so to lounge in luxury.


In short, almost-awesome satisfying staycation. I have to dock a few points for not having breakfast in bed and the 4-in-1 room took some getting used to but other than that, I really enjoyed the break!

Thank you Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan for the wonderful hospitality and lovely weekend!

33 Jalan Sultan #01-01
Singapore 198965
Tel: +65 6830 7888


Words by Yasmine Ng
Photography by Gninethree
The writer is a frequent jet setter around countries in Asia whose dream is to eat her way around the world. 

Lifestyle, Singapore

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