Boufe Boutique Cafe @ Phoenix Park

The amalgamation of the words “boutique” and “cafe”, Boufe is the it-cafe of the moment on Instagram. White-washed walls, clean lines and vases of baby’s breath on each table, I was sold the moment I walked in. Actually, the love affair may have already begun when I first laid eyes on the swing set parked just at the entrance. It is not hard to foresee many OOTD shots being taken against this backdrop as the place starts gaining popularity.

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Boufe actually has a corner space dedicated to selling clothes from online women’s boutique- Ohvola so yes ladies, you can shop while you wait for your food to arrive. Possibly any girl’s dream come true- one stop shop and cafe.

Getting here may be a bit tricky though with an approximately 10 minute walk in from the nearest bus stop though word has it that you could hitch a ride from the buggies at the guard house if you asked nicely. Alternatively for those taking cabs or driving, take the left turn from the entrance and drive all the way in, you will soon spot block 308. Parking here is free.

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For food, Boufe offers two menus- the Brunch is served from 10am-3pm and Dinner is from 6pm-10pm. Prices range between $14-$21 for the former with items such as Classic Croque Madame and Smoked Salmon Croissant while the latter has fancier options like Duck Confit $22 and Boufe’s Old Fashioned Beef Stew $26. All prices here are nett.

We had the Eggs Benedict $16, Truffle House Baked Baguette $17 and Truffle Fries $15 from their Brunch menu. To be quite honest, while the truffle scented mushroom ragout and hollandaise sauce which drenched the poached eggs were more than decent, the brioche and baguette were what truly stole the show. The breads here are homemade, which makes it all the more impressive. I would have also ordered their Smoked Salmon Croissant if I had space in my tummy to take in more. Guess that croissant will have to wait for my next visit then.

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Desserts and pastries are also all made in house daily. Their Strawberry Shortcake $8 was one of the best I have had in town- fluffy sponge, light textured and laced with just the right amount of strawberries,  I would have ordered another in a heartbeat if not for the price tag. Other sweets on display include the Opera Cake, Chocolate and Citron Tarts, and Macarons- all equally pretty and charming.

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In short, this just might be my new favourite haunt of 2015 albeit early to say since it is only January but nonetheless, I know for sure that I will be back to try the other items and cakes on their menu. Yes, that’s how much I enjoyed my brunch here at Boufe Boutique Cafe.

Photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 5S.

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308 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park #01-01
Singapore 247974

Opening hrs:
Tuesdays-Sundays: 10am – 10pm
Closed on Mondays


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  1. I love this place alot. Probably my favourite cafe now.

  2. […] Address: 308 Tanglin Road Singapore 247974 | Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Sat). Closed on Sunday | Tel: +65 6734 7656 | Email: | Website: | Facebook: Boufe | READ MORE […]

  3. […] Address: 308 Tanglin Road Singapore 247974 | Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Sat). Closed on Sunday | Tel: +65 6734 7656 | Email: [email protected] /* */ | Website: | Facebook: Boufe | READ MORE […]

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