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It started with an elusive and mysterious invitation from Grand Hyatt to spend an evening with them. And in return, they promised to put together a special, intimate night of grand festivities in celebration of the New Year. My interest was naturally piqued and I RSVP-ed with a yes.

No more details were released until a few days before the event when we were contacted again for our pick-up address as they were arranging for our transport to and from Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Wednesday, the 11th of February soon arrived and so did our black Mercedes Benz which dropped us off right at the front door of the hotel.


The special evening began with some cocktails, bubbly and canapes. Think homemade pralines filled with thick peanut paste, crisp black moss chips and the most exotic seafood pearls (tuna sashimi). I of course committed the cardinal sin of a blogger by eating first before my camera and therefore have no footage of the pretty canapes. You will just have to take my word for it that they were really appetising.


The festivities then kicked off with the tossing of the Yu Sheng Garden. Upsized of course as it seemed that Grand Hyatt was sparing no expense. With the chefs reciting the auspicious wishes in chorus, everyone helped to pour the various condiments, sauces, crackers and fresh slices of salmon before we took our long chopsticks and tossed away. Boy, was each lift of shredded ingredients heavy and yes, took quite a bit of effort as well.


After we had our fill of Yusheng, the doors opened, dramatically as the lights began to dim and we were greeted by a room of darkness before the cloud of red mist began to disperse, and the centrepiece of the room was revealed to us. Gorgeous blooms of various flowers arranged so purposefully right down the long table which sat about 50 guests, we made our way to our own seats which had been specially reserved for us, name tags and all for a personal touch.


My eyes could barely finish taking in the glorious sights set in front of me before a graceful violinist stole our attention with her skilful strokes as the bow glided across the strings and the beautiful melody serenaded us.


As the beat of the music increased in momentum, the next part of our surprise was unveiled through the opening of the folded doors in front of the room.


There it was! The entire culinary team preparing our dinner live. Imagine a “live” station at the buffet, this one was probably on a whole new level in comparison.


On the entertainment front, a gypsy fortune teller began the “show” by predicting the future for us- she ended up “predicting” our menu for the evening by coming in between courses to inform us what to expect next from the kitchen. A bit of laughter here and there certainly did lighten the mood.


Our first course of the evening was “Buddha Jumps Over The Wall”, which was filled with 100% sustainable seafood. The clear broth which was infused with so much flavour whetted our appetites and the little tea-light beneath our claypot did its job by keeping the soup at its optimum temperature down to the last drop.


Yes, we even had a clown who had forgotten how to make people laugh, a circus master looking for his pet tiger, a walking doll who wanted to find a heart and a monkey man who recited poems to us that did not rhyme. Needless to say, there was never a dull moment in the room.


Next up was our main course of Roast Chinese Duck, Crispy Chicken Egg, Water Spinach, Lotus Rice. Oriental yet fusion, it was an interesting blend of cultures on a single plate.


Not to be outdone by the rest of the show, the finale positively stole the limelight for the evening. It started with the unrolling of a 11.4m long Chinese Scroll with Calligraphy by Yong Gallery filled with various animals from the Chinese Zodiac and auspicious sayings, from the head of the table right down to the end. Every guest at the table had a portion of the intricate calligraphy painted on rice paper in front of them, to appreciate and admire.


The desserts surpassed all expectations as each of us had a 8-course set to savour and enjoy. From the super cute miniature Liu Sha Bao which won me over at the first bite with its rich creamy sandy texture with notes of saltiness, to the pretty White Lotus Blossom Flower, Petite Stewed Pumpkin Bird’s Nest Soup, Buddha’s Hand Lemon and Mango PuddingCoconut Ice-Cream, Pineapple Tart, Dragon’s Beard Candy (my childhood love) and Fortune Cookie.

No better way to complete our meal, the whole experience was truly a feast for the senses- visually, auditory and of course gustatory.


And as the night drew to a close, we were each gifted with this decadent praline set of 100 pieces of chocolates with flavours such as Earl Grey, Orange, Cognac, Mint, Mocha and Peanut Butter. Each chocolate was also uniquely imprinted with a different way of writing the “福” character. The perfect and sweet ending to our truly extraordinary evening.

Thank you Sarah for the invite and to the passionate team of Grand Hyatt Singapore for such a memorable experience of #LivingGrand which will be etched in my memory for quite a while…

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The #LivingGrand concept serves as a global crossroads and backdrop of grandeur as the Grand Hyatt hotels connect travelers and locals alike to experience astounding moments from extravagant affairs to lavish dinners and unexpected in room delights, including unique global traditions, sought-after Chinese New Year events, experience world-class services, signature cuisine and exquisite surroundings.

For more information and rates of their newly renovated event venues, please contact the Grand Hyatt Singapore meeting specialists on +65 6416 7373, via email singapore.grand@hyatt.com.


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  1. Very beautiful photo under the extreme red lighting condition. Well done.

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