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Montana Brew Bar has been generating quite a bit of hype across social media since it first opened at the beginning of this year. From the same people who brought you Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar, Montana is all about the waffles. But not just any ordinary waffles, the choices here are innovative and the concoctions work out surprisingly well. Think Breakfast Waffle BLT, Matcha Strawberry Field Waffles, Red Velvet Waffle Stack and Cinnamon Apple Pie Waffles.

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After hearing so much about “THE ULTIMATE” Truffle Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Waffle $12.50, we just had to order it. Montana has also earned a reputation for being receptive towards feedback on their food and acting on suggestions almost immediately. We heard that this is probably already version 2.5 and honestly, it was really quite good. And if you are wondering where the mac & cheese is, it is actually incorporated within the waffle itself so that every bite of that truffle scented waffles is oozing cheese and mac bits. Do not forget to dip those waffles into the curry salsa dip on the side for an accentuation of truffle flavour.


The next one we tried was the Southern Fried Chicken Wafflewich $9.50 served with spicy southern mustard coleslaw. One of the better variations of chicken and waffles which I have had so far and the crisp light and fluffy waffle pulled it all together quite nicely. But if I had to be really picky, the fried chicken itself could probably do with a bit more punch flavour wise.


For the sweet waffles, Montana gives you the option of choosing between two textures of waffles- The Big Crunch (crispy and light) or The Fluffy Souffle (chiffon-like but a little more dense). Having tried the former for the first two savoury waffles, we picked the fluffy souffle for our Chocolate Banana Waffles $10.50. Intensely chocolatey with caramelised banana slices and a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice-cream, this is a combination that really cannot go wrong. Montana’s version which was finished with a dash of Nutella-Truffle powder was quite on point though we strongly recommend you share this one.


Apart from waffles, Montana also does a wide variety of burgers such as Soft Shell Crab, Candied Bacon Burger and Mushroom Cheese Beef priced between $10-$12- and all served with their signature brioche burger buns made from the same recipe as the ones at Roosevelt’s.

Special attention is also given to the coffee here, with customers given the option of choosing their brewing methods and blend of beans which are supplied by Common Man Coffee Roasters. An espresso starts at $3.50, a Mocha is $5 and the slightly more exotic brew of Cortado Cubano (condensed milk + double ristretto + steamed milk) is $4.20.

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1 Selegie Road #01-04
Singapore 188306
Tel: 9833 1790

Opening hrs:
Mon – Sun: 8:00 am – 9:30 pm
Do note that the kitchen only opens from 10am onwards


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