Paddy Hills @ 38 South Buona Vista Road

Another cafe in the West has opened and despite being only barely a week old, Paddy Hills has already created quite the sensation across social media for its gorgeous natural lighting, photogenic dishes that are so prettily plated and the laidback Aussie vibe that it sells. True to Aussie style as well, the prices on the menu are all nett.

The space itself was surprisingly big with communal tables, window and booth seats, and even coffee counter seats where you can catch the barista in action. And if you were wondering, Paddy Hills serve coffee roasted with Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee beans and the tea is from 1872 Clipper Tea & Co.

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Food wise, their Daytime Eats comprising of Breakfast (0830-1730) and Lunch (1130-1730) offer mainly cafe-type food with Australian-Japanese influence and a unique spin to each item. Expect creative culinary innovations such as Plantation (Quinoa, puffed rice, pine nuts & pomegranate), Salmon Carpaccio  (house-cured salmon, pickled wakame, yuzu caviar, cream cheese & baby radish) and The Asian Brick (thick brûlée brioche french toast, goreng pisang, butternut squash puree, yam ice cream & marcona almonds). Fusion is key here at Paddy Hills. After 1730, the Nighttime Nosh menu is all about sharing plates and Yakitori, with a heavier emphasis on local flavours.

Paddy Hills recently made adjustments to their operating hours and they now only open at 0930. 

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We tried a few items from their day menu and just as everyone has been lamenting on social media, be prepared to wait quite a bit for your food. I have to vouch though, that the food is well worth the wait. The first to arrive was the Berry Ricotta Hotcake $19 which I fell in love with the moment it was served. The hotcake is huge by the way, rightfully fluffy inside with pockets of maple syrup in between so the crumb remains moist. Finished with a splash of berries, sprinkle of blueberry sugar, edible flower petals and a dollop of mascarpone, I would order this again in a heartbeat.

The Big Breakfast $24 comes with a choice of how you would like your eggs to be prepared- 63 degree, poached, fried or scrambled. We picked the former and the yolk was nicely runny. Special mention however goes to the bacon steak which was a slab of pork belly so sinfully fatty and melt-in-your-mouth worthy, and the house-cured salmon, equally worth raving over.

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The Golden Mantou Sliders $23 which featured beef patties sandwiched between deep fried mantou buns, was served with one of the best sweet potato fries I have had in a while. This one is just right for sharing. Slather some of that homemade BBQ sauce onto your mantou for a sweet punch of flavour.

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Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about Paddy Hills. Perhaps a part of it stems from the wave of nostalgia I felt about Aussie when I first stepped into the cafe. This was easily one of my favourite cafe experiences of the year by far. And I will definitely be back to try other items from their Breakfast and Dinner menus.

Photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 5S.

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38 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118164
Tel: 6479 0800

Opening hrs:


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  1. yes a good cafe in the west

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