Chir Chir – Fusion Chicken Factory

Q: How do you know you have entered a Korean food establishment?
A: First thing you spot is an LCD screen showing Korean music videos on loop; so entertaining yet so distracting.

Chir Chir opened in February this year, to further fuel the already burgeoning Chimaek (치맥) craze. The signature Chir Cream Beer consists of draught beer and freshly whipped cream. I was slightly disappointed initially when I found out that they were using Carlsberg beer. But last I heard, they are still experimenting with different beers and sugar levels in the whipped cream to serve up the perfect pint!


So, if you have not already guessed, the inspiration for the Chir Cream Beer came from the widely popular Korean drama, Secret Garden. Recall the scene where actress Ha Ji Won takes a sip of her foamy coffee and the handsome lead, Hyun Bin, leans across to kiss away the foam moustache. [cue ladies swooning] Gentlemen, order a half pint for your ladies and you may use it as an excuse to re-create that romantic scene.


Dinner officially started with a Honey Grape Salad $18.90 featuring sweet, seedless grapes, an assortment of nuts and generous dollops of ricotta and whipped cream. Served on the side, baked triangle tortilla shards drizzled with honey and minced garlic. This was interesting but not outstanding though I really liked the crispy tortilla.

Next was a more tropical Mango Salad $11.90 with mixed greens, blueberries and yoghurt as a dressing. I liked that they offered salads, possibly to balance out the savoury-skewed menu.

Moving onto the Chicken flavours…

The Garlicky Chicken $28.90, I felt, tasted similar other KFC I have tried at Kko Kko Nara and 4 Fingers – fragrant honey-soy base sprinkled with minced garlic and fried garlic cloves.


The Spicy Chicken $28.90 is served with sweet potato cubes and fried Korean rice cakes (떡볶이). The sticky, sweet and very spicy sauce that coats the chicken is quite lethal so get ready to gulp down some beer. Tip: The rice cakes are fried and should be eaten first before they harden. Frankly, I would rather a side of traditional rice cakes.

My personal favourite was the Crispy Fried Chicken $26.90. Somehow, it did not taste greasy at all (despite being deep fried) and the flavour was just right – not too sweet or salty.

The Nest Snow $32.90, I believe is the best fusion item on menu. It is served on a hotplate and literally looks like a nest of snow when it arrived. Cajun chicken tenders are planted on a bed of sweet potato puree and cream sauce and well-boiled broccoli. Additionally, 3 more reasons to order this dish: Parmesan, Mozzarella and Cheddar. The combination here is almost decadent; points deducted for soft broccoli meant for your grandparents.


The last item we tried was the Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken $32.90. This was the most complex in terms of cooking methods. Fresh (all chickens used at Chir Chir are not frozen), whole chickens are marinated for a whopping 12 hours before being oven-roasted and then pan-fried with house-made spicy BBQ sauce to ensure all the flavour has been well, fused, into the chicken. This is also served on a hot plate with sides of salsa, baked potato with sour cream and a salt-baked egg. Similar to the Spicy Chicken, there is only one level of spiciness – you have been warned.

In conclusion, this is the place to go if you want a hearty group dinner. If queues on Friday are a turn-off, look out for the next branch opening at Bedok Point.


Thank you Rachel and Rachel for hosting the wonderful dinner!

Singapore 238895

Opening hrs:
10am – 10pm (Mon – Thur, Sun)
11am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)


Words by Yasmine Ng
Photography by GNineThree
The writer is a frequent jet setter around countries in Asia whose dream is to eat her way around the world. 


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