Crown Bakery & Café @ 557 Bukit Timah Road, Crown Centre

Bread people need to mark their calendars because there is a brand new bakery concept being launched on our little island on 29 April 15. A collaboration between Far East Flora Holdings (yes that wholesaler of plants and flowers) and famed Japanese bakery Signifiant Signifié, Crown Bakery & Cake opening in Crown Centre along Bukit Timah Road, is an artisanal bakery dedicated to the craft of sourdough. So if like me, you are a fan of this hard crust bread with its moist and stretchy crumb, and notes of pleasant sourness, this is one bakery you do not want to miss.


Offering up to 45 varieties of bread, viennoiseries and snacks from the bakery side of the house, and all-day-breakfast, salads, sandwiches and desserts at the cafe, Crown Bakery & Cafe is certainly pulling all stops with their first foray into our local bakery scene. The categories seem almost endless, with sourdoughs, baguettes, wholemeal, ciabattas, ekmeks, brioches, croissants amongst many others, listed on the menu.

Prices are competitive too with an Earl Grey Cashew Brioche costing $3 and a classic sourdough for $4.50. And if you have not guessed it by now, creativity and innovation seems to be the name of the game here at Crown Bakery & Cafe. Unique flavour combinations include the Shizuoka Match Azuki Loaf $4.80, Red Wine Fig Ekmek $5.50 and for something a tad more fancy, the Shitake Shimeiji Mushroom Truffle Bread $14.


Crown Bakery & Cafe kindly sent us a sampler box of their breads a few days ago and we got to try their Hainanese Chicken Bread $4.50, Kaori Ciabatta $4, Earl Grey Ekmek $4.80, Red Wine Fig Sourdough $8.50, Walnut & Cheese Milk Bread $8.50 and Macaron Croissant $4.20. Our personal favourites from the lot were the Earl Grey Ekmek made with fragrant whole tea leaves with a touch of sea salt and the Macaron Croissant which won us over with the richness of French buttery layers, delicately airy on the inside, rightfully crisp on the outside topped with a gorgeous sugar sweet glaze and frosted white. The Hainanese Chicken Bread conversely was one which sounded the most promising but unfortunately fell short of expectations with the flavour profile being too subtle and the key notes of ginger, garlic and chicken almost indistinct.


Overall though, the concept of Crown Bakery & Cafe has definitely got me feeling all excited. I for one am eyeing a number of items that I really do want to try when they open.

Mark that date people- 29 April 15.

Thank you Tracy for personally delivering the sampler box!


557 Bukit Timah Road
#01-03 Crown Centre
Tel: 6463 3066


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