zChocolat Mother’s Day Collection

The day which we commemorate and pay tribute to the most important woman in our life is fast approaching- May 10 to be exact this year. Most of the time, my mum will tell us not to spend any money or buy her anything because as long as we were obedient children and self-respecting contributing individuals to society, it was enough for her. But just like “Valentines’ Day” syndrome, we usually still want to get something nice for that special person despite the commercialisation of the occasion.

So in case you were sourcing for ideas for Mum, here’s one…


I have blogged about zChocolat’s Mahogany Collection and Valentine’s Day Collection before and raved over their premium quality chocolates made only with the finest French cream and butter. This year for Mother’s Day, the people at zChocolat have specially designed this pink lotus themed box to honor mothers everywhere. According to Buddhist lore, this regal flower symbolizes purity, creation and rebirth- fitting adjectives to describe a mother’s love for her children.


This seasonal collection comes in three sizes- 15 pieces, 30 pieces and 90 pieces. You will also be able to fully customize your present by choosing the assortment of chocolates, text engraving, gift wrapper and even add a heart padlock or other accessories to the box for mummy dearest.

For more details and pictorial descriptions, check out the full collection here.


zChocolat also does express delivery to 244 countries worldwide and you can pick the exact day which you want your chocolates to be delivered.

Here’s wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mothers out there!


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