The White Rabbit

Brought to you by The Lo & Behold Group (Loof, OverEasy Bar and Diner, The Black Swan), The White Rabbit is probably one of the most understated fine-dining restaurants in the scene. Lauded as the ideal and romantic venue to hold your wedding, The White Rabbit located atop Dempsey Hill and housed within the architectural frame of a 1930s chapel, is everything and more when you step through those majestic tall iron gates. Walls are white-washed with iconic lancet windows while stained glass details and high ceilings complete the “chapel” experience. Suffice to say, The White Rabbit exudes both charm and beauty in its cosy intimate space.


The menu, which is predominately classic European fare, recently received an uplift and revamp of flavours as Head Chef Benjamin Tan sought to introduce cleaner and lighter approaches in his cooking methods for a touch of elegance.

For more on Chef Benjamin and his culinary inspirations, check out our interview with him.

We started our lunch with a Rangers Valley Wagyu Carpaccio $28Lightly Seared & Smoked Foie Gras with House-cured Duck Breast $29 and Salad Printemps $22. And surprisingly unlike most fine-dining restaurants, portions were actually decent for sharing. The thinly-sliced wagyu carpaccio had gorgeous marbling and with a light aromatic truffle cream for that smooth finish while the melt-in-your-mouth tender seared foie gras was simply a dream come true for all you gourmands.


The pastas here come in two sizes- appetiser and main. This Alaskan King Crab Tagliatelle $28 is the appetiser portion and frankly could possibly pass off as a main in most other restaurants. One of my favourites that afternoon, that al dente tagliatelle simmered in pork and kombu broth, with a hint of Oriental influence, was simply mouthwatering good, immensely rich in flavours and on point.


For the mains, we had the 60-hour Braised Mangalica Pork Belly $42 which caught my eye because while I had heard of the Iberian pig and Berkshire pig, this was my first experience with the Mangalitsa (hailing all the way from Hungary). Mangalica pork is allegedly more consistent in marbling and taste, and even touted as the kobe beef of pork! And rightfully fatty and thick this pork belly truly was. Dressed with miso broth and sprinkle of chilli pepper, every last bit of fat was bathed with a decadent smokey finish.


The Sautéed Japanese Seabream $36 was hard to fault with that flaky freshness and browned butter creaminess. Done well but not particularly a highlight.


And of course the 36-hour Brandt Shortribs $48 deserves a special mention having made its much anticipated return to The White Rabbit menu after months of R&D. Tender yet robust in flavour, these shortribs were perfectly matched with that truffle miso glaze and parsnip purée which brought out its rich beefy notes and subtle hints of sweetness.


Do not leave without trying their desserts because The White Rabbit does their sweets exceeding well too. Most noteworthy was Chef’s Deconstructed Cheesecake $18, his personal take on the classic rich dense textured creamy cake. And his rendition was anything but. A marscapone and cream cheese mousse with a meringue-like consistency atop a bed of graham crackers, pop rocks and complimented by a tart blueberry sorbet, this dessert had such a vibrant colour palette and was all too easy to finish.


The Baked Alaska $18 too held its own with a vanilla ice-cream centre sitting on a genoise base and spongy crumb, all tied together nicely by the torched meringue soft shell.


In short, dining at The White Rabbit lives up to all the raves and expectations. While the food may be a tad pricey, the overall experience is really one-of-a-kind and you can only imagine what a fairytale-like affair it will be for a wedding.

Thank you Deborah for hosting us and the lovely afternoon!


39C Harding Road
Singapore 249541
Reservations: Call or text 9721 0536

Opening hrs:
Lunch: Tuesday to Friday: 12pm –230pm
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday: 630pm -1030pm
Brunch: Saturday to Sunday: 1030am -3pm


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