L’ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle

L’ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle has finally opened their brick and mortar store in the heart of Orchard Road. Dubbed as Singapore’s first eclair boutique, L’ÉCLAIR located at the ground level of Singapore Shopping Centre brings a bit of Paris to our island with their exquisitely designed cream-filled choux pastries. Aesthetically charming and simply pleasing to the eyes, each eclair is practically an art piece served on a plate that has been taking social media by storm with how photogenic they are on camera.


The duo behind L’ÉCLAIR- Sarah and Michelle, initially started out as an online business, supplying eclairs to other cafes such as Mean Bean Wicked Grind (where I first got a taste of those pretty little things) before moving on to pop-ups hosted at Three Years In A Balloon and Artistry. The establishment of this physical store has therefore been long time coming.

With a culinary background from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, the baking finesse of these two young pastry chefs and love for experimenting is evident in their creations. From local twists of Kaya Pandan to the downright drool-worthy Ispahan, L’ÉCLAIR offers up to 10 unique flavours daily in the store- a combination of classic and seasonal.


We ordered all four items on their Classic Collection i.e. mainstays on the menu- the Tahitian Vanilla & Pecans $8Dark Chocolate $8Salted Caramel $7.50, and Ispahan $8.50, because having to make the choice between either or was simply an arduous task. My wallet is bound to pay for my weakness for beauty one day but till then, keep calm and eat eclairs.


The Tahitian Vanilla & Pecans has been my favourite since the beginning when I first got a taste of their eclairs two years ago. The overall lightness and intense vanilla bean flavour which brings out the richness of the white chocolate and sweetness of those crunchy caramelized pecan chunks had me sold, while the Ispahan charmed us with its floral notes and subtle aromas of lychee, rose and raspberry. A sure winner with the ladies.


From the Seasonal Collection, we had the Mango Passionfruit $8Lemon Meringue $7.50Earl Grey $8, Strawberries & Pistachio $8 and Hazelnut Praline $8.

The Earl Grey was one of our highlights that afternoon, outright delightful with its distinct bergamot orange profile and sharp black tea flavour infused beautifully into the milk chocolate cream, while the Hazelnut Praline which stood out in its Choux au Craquelin shell, was not only special in appearance but also in taste. Filled with Valrhona hazelnut cream and whole hazelnuts, this one is a must try for all and hopefully will remain as a permanent fixture on the menu.


For those who need a savoury option, L’ÉCLAIR also offers their signature Chicken & Bacon Pie $12 which is served with a side salad. Coffee beans are from La Ristrettos, while the teas are from Betjeman & Barton. Sarah cautions that your choice of tea may affect your taste buds when eating their eclairs so do pick carefully. I went for the Lundi Light (green tea with lemongrass) and it complimented all the flavours flawlessly.


Overall, L’ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle is a refreshing entry to the dessert scene in Singapore which is currently inundated with macarons, cupcakes, waffles and soft serve. Prices may come across as a tad steep but considering the quality ingredients that go into making each eclair, the end result is quite worth it.

A noteworthy tip is that these eclairs are to be eaten using your hands and not with the fork or knife. So do not feel shy, just pick up those gorgeous choux pastries with your fingers, take a good bite and savour the party of flavours in your mouth. Because that is how you eat an eclair at L’ÉCLAIR.


190 Clemenceau Avenue
Singapore Shopping Centre
Singapore 239924

Opening hrs:
Tuesdays – Fridays: 11AM – 8PM
Saturdays: 11AM – 9PM
Sundays: 11AM – 6PM
Closed on Mondays


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