HIC JUICE 5:2 Juice Plan

To be honest, the thought of doing a juice cleanse scared me. My first attempt two years ago did not go too well. I was ambitious and opted for a three day cleanse. The first day went well but by the time I got to the second day, I was rather grumpy at the lack of solid food. It did not help that people around me kept talking about delicious food that they had eaten or were planning to try. Needless to say, I stayed off juice cleansing for the next two years.

Recently, I came across HIC Juice’s 5:2 Juice Plan. It seemed quite appealing for someone like me who wanted to get back on the juice cleanse diet but was so scared to do anything too extreme. Contrary to three consecutive days of juice diet, this plan meant that I could replace some of my regular meals with the juice for two non-consecutive days a week. This plan not only enabled me to limit my calorie intake for those two days, it also made sure I had my sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables.


I will not say it is a quick way of losing weight. You still need your regular exercises to do that. But it certainly helped flush out my toxins and calmed my acne-proned skin a fair bit during those two weeks. The first day required my body to adjust a bit from the usual solid foods. It did get a lot better in the second week when my body got used to the cleanse diet.

A little tip, when you are cleansing, avoid being surrounded by tempting food because it is going to make you hungry and distract you from your cleanse. A relaxing day at home reading or watching TV during the weekend would be your best bet. And remember to inform your family members about your cleanse so that they will not drink one of your meals by mistake!


If you are a novice to juice cleanse, this is a good option to start with. The green juices (Clean Greens and Green Lemonade) are not the easiest to drink but those are certainly the most potent in flushing out the toxins in your body. My favourites were the Citrus Chia and Flaminglow. The milk-based ones (Nut Milk and Chunky Munky) which I took at the end of the day felt like my reward after a day of healthy diet.


Overall, this is a good complement for someone whose diet include arteries clogging good food. It made me feel less guilty indulging after that because I know I gave my body a break to recharge and flush out the toxins.

I think I might just be ready to embark on a complete juice cleanse diet next!


The HIC Juice’s 5:2 Juice Plan is available online at http://hicjuice.com.sg/ for $218. This includes 3 x 500ml bottles on 2 alternate days of the week for two weeks.

HIC Juice has also just opened their very first wellness retail concept- The Shop by HIC at Suntec City Mall #02-470, 3 Temasek Blvd (Tower 1 & 2). Opening hours are 11am to 9pm daily. You can drop by anytime for their organic cold-pressed juices, superfoods and other healthy eats or to consult HIC’s in-house Associate Nutritionist, Janice Chan, at the store for wellness advice.

Words by Crystal
Photography by GNineThree

Photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 6.

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