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Rollie Ollie is a three-month-old store tucked away at Star Vista, which specialises in sushirritos. True to its name, the dishes are more than just a play on word blending. It is also a blend of Japanese sashimi and iconic roll ingredients with rolls, wraps and rice bowls that presents itself as a delightful assortment where you will be spoilt for choice. Its owner who is Taiwanese-American, was inspired by the ever-present Asian American fusion food wave and decided to bring it back to Singapore. Although this is their one and only flagship store, they are hoping to open more outlets here and make Rollie Ollie a favourite among Singaporeans. It is a good opportunity to make a trip down during office lunch hours or even for a late notice dinner date.


Among the diverse range of signature rolls, Sunkissed Salmon $16.95, is their best seller. Within the blanket roll are shredded crab meat, cucumber, jicama and red roe that pack the right amount of crunch to compliment the creamy texture of aburi salmon and creamy avocado. To add a finishing touch to these flavours, you can pick your choice of mayonnaise at the counter (Kabayaki, Yuzu Mayo, Curry Mayo, Wasabi Mayo or Spicy Mayo). The mayos are a good way to customise the rolls to your taste buds’ craving for the day. This way, you get to be adventurous without feeling as though you have had too much of one good thing. Without a doubt, the Sunkissed Salmon is my absolute favourite for its wonderfully smooth and creamy texture that melts with every bite.

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If you’re looking for something milder, Cali Dream $16.95, and Caterpillar $12.95, are good permutations of Sunkissed Salmon if you are dining alone and wish to avoid that growing feeling of jerlatness. The former is a sweeter combination of crunch and fruitiness mainly because the fried prawn, tamagoyaki, strawberries and avocado are so juicy that it juxtaposes with the crunchy crispiness of the tempura bits. As a result, both elements mutually accentuate each other beautifully.


On the other hand, Caterpillar is a variation of Sunkissed Salmon. It contains the same ingredients as the latter without the aburi salmon. Instead, the avocado topping is its main source of creaminess. Before you think it falls short of tasting good, the slightly toned down flavor can actually bring out the milder mayos, namely the Yuzu Mayo and Wasabi Mayo.


In celebration of the nation’s jubilee year, Rollie Ollie has released a new addition to the menu for a limited time. The Golden Jubilee Roll $16.95, fuses every Singaporean’s favourite local delight—The Chilli Crab. It has a lot going on aesthetically with a canopy of green onions, crab meat and fried mantou bits while the rice envelops layers of tamayaki, avocado, jicama and cucumber. With generous spreads of chilli sauce, the entire dish much resembles the fantastic bursts of green and red fireworks our nation enjoyed last Sunday. I felt that it tasted savoury predominantly due to the chilli sauce and green onions. The avocado and tamayaki were the bench sitters this time, much unlike the other rolls I’ve had. It still left me in good cheer since I got to satisfy my chilli crab craving without overindulging. So if you are still game for patriotic festivities, why not celebrate with this jubilee addition!


Overall, Rollie Ollie is now a newfound favourite of mine. Each box comes with eight hearty pieces that are more than enough to leave you feeling satisfied. If you are the sort who wants to avoid the hassle of biting into rolls, which may crumble, you can also try out their salads such as Pacific Sunset $11.95, or their Aloha Poke bowl $11.95, which is a Hawaiian style don of sashimi chunks like salmon and tuna mixed with cucumber, tamago and red roe that is finally garnished with alfalfa sprouts. So if you are looking for a creative spin on the classic sushi, be sure to swing by Rollie Ollie for a new experience.


The Star Vista,
1 Vista Exchange Green

#02-05, Singapore 138617 
Tel: +65 63165710

Opening hrs:
11am – 10pm (Mon-Sat)
11:30am – 10pm (Sun)


Words and Photography by Joy Tan
The writer has a tiny tummy. She believes good things come in small sizes and good tastes are savoured in bite sizes.


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