Lepark @ People’s Park Complex

Lepark, the newest hipster hangout at the rooftop carpark of People’s Park Complex has a laid-back vibe and grungy attitude to boot. Playing on the Malay word- “Lepak”, which means to loaf around or to spend one’s time aimlessly i.e. “chillaxing”, this refreshing F&B concept is all about comfort fusion bar grub- tapas style, craft beers and a creative space for arts and music to come together. Since its inception into our local food scene few months back, Lepark has already played host to multiple live music gigs, outdoor movie screenings and even getai shows- all in a bid to support local musicians and artists, and promote our culture.

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Getting to Lepark itself is a bit of a challenge and requires strict adherence to the following set of directions or you might find yourself a little lost: take the lift up to level 5 and climb up the dingy albeit dodgy flight of stairs to level 6 where you will reach this hole-in-a-wall opening with its aluminium shutter sliding doors, which leads to a spacious, airy canteen-like space.

Ordering of food is done at one end of the counter while drinks on the other, and your order number will be flashed on the electronic display when the food is ready for collection. Simple, straightforward and mostly self-serviced. With that said, prices are all nett.

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The menu offerings were fairly decent and affordable. Tapas such as Chunky Spam Fries, Poached Chicken Sushi and Otah Bomb start from $8, Spicy Seafood Salad at $12, Mains of Slipper Lobster & Crabmeat Tom Yum Pasta from $18, and Shared Platters ranging between $18 – $40.

We ordered the Lepark Platter $18 which was a combination of their tapas selection put together on a wooden board. The Poached Chicken Sushi with its succulent tender chicken atop a mound of flavourful rice steeped in chicken stock and rightfully oily, interlaced with ginger dressing and piquant chilli sauce- all tied together with a strip of seaweed for that authentic sushi factor, deserved full praises and applause. I do admit that I have my hesitations for gimmicky fusion fare but Lepark’s Poached Chicken Sushi had me at the first bite. The Thai Basil Pork Tau Pok was also an interesting one- the mince was sufficiently infused with the necessary herbs and spices with enough moisture to compliment the cracking crisp deep-fried tau pok. Other accessory accompaniments such as the Chicken Skin, Nachos and Otah Bomb added to the overall appeal of this shared platter.

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From their Signatures, we also had the SEY (Salted Egg Yolk) Soft Shell Crab & Cake Sliders $12 and Truffle Fries with Truffle Mayo $10. The sliders with its open-faced presentation and dribbling thick mustard-coloured sauce down the mantou, scored points for aesthetics though admittedly the sauce could have done with a tad more richness and salted egg yolk flavour. As for the fries, they were chunky-cut so if you are the skinny fries sort of person, this aint for you. Special mention to the playful packaging of the fries though and how it conveniently folds into a cute little takeout box for the smaller eaters who need to takeaway their food.

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Our meal ended with a Milo Soft Serve $8 complete with Fruit Loops, Honey Stars, layers of sliced bananas and a Khong Guan Biscuit for a touch of local. While this bordered more on a Chocolate soft serve instead of Milo, it still was a definite treat for the sweltering hot weather.

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Overall, Lepark at People’s Park Complex is cool and alternative without trying too hard. An ideal space for large group gatherings, this place brings fun and community in a whole new different way and it works. So look out for the next pop-up or carnival or festival that they will be hosting, because it will be an outdoor experience unlike any other.

Photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 6. 

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1 Park Rd
People’s Park Complex
Singapore 059108
Tel: 6908 5809

Opening hrs:
Tues – Thurs: 16:00–23:00
Fri: 16:00–00:00
Sat: 11:00–00:00
Sun: 11:00–23:00
Closed on Mon


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