The Knolls @ Capella Singapore

Lauded as one of Singapore’s most luxurious hotels with a premium postal code to boot, Capella Singapore with its sprawling grounds is lavish and fancy on all counts. It is after all, strategically located on Sentosa island, making it the ideal tropical getaway without having to use your passport. The setting at Capella is tranquil and beautifully landscaped by lush greenery and nature. A room here is by no means cheap, but it is no secret that privacy and quiet does come at a cost in Singapore.

If however, an hour or two respite is all you need from the hustle and bustle of city life, then there is a more affordable option- Lunch at Capella’s The Knolls. With the al-fresco terrace overlooking the South China Sea accompanied by sporadic visits from the stunning wild peacocks that roam the premises, suffice to say that your afternoon here will feel as if you have been effortlessly transported to a beach resort, though really, you are only minutes away from town.


Our afternoon escapade in little tropical paradise of Capella began with a cold appetizer of Octopus Ballotine $27 presented in a medley of colours made up of fresh ingredients. Special mention to those cross-sectioned octopus pieces which were nicely tender, still chewy and finished with a Orange Martini dressing. Lovely balance of sweet and citrus in this one.


The Open Ravioli $23 was an unassuming bowl of dumpling in soup. But appearances are never quite what they seem. Tucked within the “wanton” skin was actually a filling of duck and foie gras which charmed with its delicate richness and creaminess. Bathed in a truffle scented bouillon, this was certainly not your run-of-the-mill “wanton soup”. Though quite frankly, the price-tag was already an obvious giveaway.


Onto the tasting platter of mains which Chef kindly prepared for us, we had the Pan Seared Seabass $44Chicken Confit $34, Grilled Marinated Beef Short Ribs $35 and Crispy Lamb Rib Confit $38. We were honestly quite hesitant about ordering the latter as we were not huge of the gaminess of the meat but Chef convinced us otherwise and after we took a bite of that lusciously rendered lamb with the beautifully crisp layer of skin, we were sold.


The short ribs too were another crowd pleaser with those meltingly tender and incredibly silky slices which were honestly delectable and downright flavourful. Complete with a smooth buttery truffle mash on the side, we sincerely wished that we had a bigger portion of this. Simply could not get enough of the wholesome meaty flavours of those short ribs.


For desserts, we were treated to three glorious mounds of Profiteroles $16 complimented by shots of warm chocolate sauce. The comforting contrast of the vanilla ice-cream sandwiched in the choux pastry and smothered with thick bittersweet chocolate was a combination we absolutely could not resist. Perfect for the humid weather too.


The Pandan Coconut Crème Brûlée $16 deserved praise also for its local flavours and touches. A crack though that torched caramelized glass-like sheet revealed a smooth rich custard base perfumed by the pandan, subtly sweet but overall refreshing. Unique and different, this dessert was a perfect example of how fusion can be done elegantly right.

Overall, the lunch experience at The Knolls was certainly a much needed peaceful break from the city life and exactly what we needed to recharge and energize before heading back to the grind.


Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls Sentosa
Singapore 098297
Tel: 6591 5046

Opening hrs:
7am-11pm daily


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