MEATliquor SINgapore @ 99 Duxton Road

Known for their American-style classics such as burgers and chicken wings, MEATliquor from London has finally introduced its international debut outpost in Singapore- MEATliquor SINgapore. Nestled in a hipster corner of Duxton Road, MEATliquor SINgapore is closely modelled after the other MEATliquor identities abroad and we were instantly brought into another realm as we stepped into the restaurant-bar. Loved the decorations, vibes and the crowd!


The food menu is simple yet diverse, consisting of 3 different categories, “Burgers”, “Fries” and “Bits and Bobs”. There were too many choices, so we picked our favourites from each category. The meal was then served up in a huge tray with all the dishes we had ordered. Ideal for taking top-down shots!


Starting with the burgers, we ordered the Dead Hippie ($22) and Buffalo Chicken Burger ($20). The Dead Hippie burger was heavily packed with two mustard-fried beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, minced white onion, drizzled with their dead hippie sauce. The first bite is definitely going to make your hands dirty, as the juice from the patties and sauce oozes out naturally. For those who like buffalo wings, you might want to try the Buffalo Chicken Burger, filled with a fried chicken patty slathered in home-made hot pepper sauce, lettuce, red onions, glazed with blue cheese sauce. The patty was slightly dry but the blue cheese sauce made up for that.


Pairing the burgers with fries, we tried a locally infused dish, Shambal Fries ($12). It was an interesting Asian twist to french fries, covered in their own version of “sambal” sauce, and topped with a fried sunny side up egg with crispy fried onions. This dish was pretty addictive and I loved how the flavours of the sambal sauce, runny egg and shallots melded together so effortlessly.


Last but not least, we could not resist ordering the popular bar snack, Buffalo Wings ($15), served with carrot and celery sticks with blue cheese for dipping. The wings were served deep-fried and coated with their home-made hot pepper sauce. There was good heat from the sauce and the blue cheese was on point. I did however wish that the fried wings were a tad crispier.


To complement the food, MEATliquor SIN also offers an exhaustive drinks menu, ranging from non-alcoholic floats to alcoholic cocktails, sherbets, beers, ciders and wines. So if you are searching for American-style comfort food paired with great vibes, look no further because this could be a place to visit, especially for big groups of family and friends!


99 Duxton Rd
Singapore 089543

Opening Hrs:
Mon to Wed: 5.00pm to 12.00am
Thur to Fri: 5.00pm to 2.00am
Sat: 5.00pm to 3.00am


Words and Photography by Ruth Sim
The writer believes that the beauty of life comes from the essence of many little things and food is definitely one of them. 


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