Christmas ’15: Festive Dining @ Grand Hyatt Singapore

Christmas decorative decking the street of Orchard Road and gifts-exchanging aside, Christmas is the season for celebration as families and friends gather over communal meals peppered with sharing and laughter. Set amidst in the heart of the city, featuring warm timber interior and five unique dining concepts, Grand Hyatt Singapore is a wonderful get-to location located on Scotts Road.

With five distinctly unique epicurean buffet concepts, Grand Hyatt Singapore is set to celebrate the festivity with additional takeaway menus from Santa’s shop, featuring baked goodies and personalized gift hampers that would be a hit amongst families and friends. Behold the spread presented to you by Grand Hyatt Singapore through 10 SCOTTS, mezza9, Pete’s Place, StraitsKitchen and Oasis.

10 SCOTTS Christmas Buffet

Take heart indulging in seafood knowing that the Hyatt Hotels Corporation has more than 15 percent of its seafood supplied from certified fisheries and farms that aims at long-term seafood sustainability and protecting the world’s oceans ecosystem. With steamed Boston lobsters, poached Alaskan crabs, Tasmanian Mussels, Manila Clams, king prawns, and oysters, be spoilt for choice. Oh, and not to forget stacks of thickly sliced sashimi. While dining with shelled seafood may be a messy affair for some (especially so for me), I had no trouble with the oysters, king prawns, Boston lobsters and Alaskan crabs. They had balanced umami sweetness and were easily devoured with no meat wasted sticking onto its shells. The Tasmanian Mussels were extremely commendable being cooked to succulent perfection with no hint of rubbery texture or muddiness. Many would be glad to know that the seafood bar is widely available in Grand Hyatt’s restaurants.

StraitsKitchen Sustainable Poached Tiger Prawns, Clams and Oysters

What is Christmas without roasted turkey? Tender roasted turkey with apple and chestnut stuffing, the turkey was juicy and enjoyable with cranberry sauce on the side. The Honey Baked turkey ham leg was springy to the bite and dished out in generous portions by the Chef.

While the Chef recommended pairing the ham with simmered raisin sauce, the raisin sauce was overly sweet and masked the hearty roasted flavours. I preferred my ham savoury and served independent of the sauce. While picking up some roasted turkey and turkey ham legs, the Chef went on to interest me with a portion of Sirloin steak and pork wine sauce. Not very marbled and with little tendon, the steak were rightly done without drying out and tore away easily.

mezza9 Christmas Buffet

Being a newbie to beef, it helped that the steak was not too bloody and paired with pork wine sauce. Do feel free to pick up some Buttered Brussels Sprouts to go along with the protein mains and balance out the meaty notes.

I loved the Salmon Coulibiac showcased during the pop-up event. For some reason, this dish spoke to me through its layers of salmon pate wrapped with sautéed mushrooms, and wrapped with a crepe followed by a brioche crust. The distinct layers of flavours were coming through with every bite. The Gribiche sauce, a mayonnaise-styled cold egg sauce, married the crusty Salmon Coulibiac so well that I grabbed additional servings in a heartbeat.

Oasis Salmon Coulibiac with Gribiche Sauce

Santa’s shop presents the Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Jam, Red Velvet Cake, Caramel Chestnut Yule Log Cake, and an assortment of homemade Christmas cookies, signature Perrier-Jouët Champagne truffles, and pralines presented in a 9, 25, 48 or 99-piece gift box. Amongst the luxurious spread of sweets, the Red Velvet Cake takes the cake (pun intended). Fluffy, light, with faint hints of vanilla and cream cheese, it was nothing too experimental yet it delivered familiar fuzzy warmth, and embodies pretty much all of what Christmas is all about.

Santa's Shop Red Velvet Cake

Starting 1 December to the 24 December 2015, Grand Hyatt Singapore counts down to Christmas with 24 amazing gifts. All diners will stand a chance to win a daily price when dining in mezza9, 10 SCOTTS, Oasis, Pete’s Place or StraitsKitchen. Think instant free dining, hampers from Santa’s Shop, New Year’s Eve party tickets, dining vouchers and more.

Visit their online website here for prices and reservations.

10 Scotts Road
Singapore 228211
Tel: 6738 1234


Words by Rachel Goh (@grxrachel)
Photography by Grand Hyatt Singapore
The writer is an adrenaline junkie and enjoys travelling around the world for new sights, sounds and tastes.


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