Magnifique Sunday Champagne Brunch @ Kwee Zeen, Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa recently underwent a $40 million revamp and has since been launched as our island’s newest luxury resort hotel. Located above sea level, perched atop a hill on Sentosa island, this fancy hotel is not only home to the world’s largest So SPA- a whooping 6,000 sqm, but also to Kwee Zeen- a pan asian dining restaurant which offers a Magnifique Sunday Champagne Brunch.


We came by one Sunday morning to get a taste of its magnificence which was further exemplified by the free-flow of premium Taittinger Champagne. Seating options include both al fresco with a view of the pool and indoors with the air-conditioning. We strongly recommend the latter unless you fancy dining under the blazing heat though admittedly, the lighting for photography and the accompanying view of the luscious green landscape outdoors was almost irresistible.


Offering up to 16 stations with live stations, roaming trolleys of dim sum and pizza, and more than 30 varieties of gourmet cheeses to choose from, using the word “extravagant” to describe this Magnifique Sunday Champagne Brunch buffet, does not even cut it.


Seafood on ice is always my favourite place to start and Kwee Zeen also offers a a three-tiered seafood set consisting of fresh oysters, king crab legs, mussels and prawns as an introductory tasting platter for each table. If you prefer to pick and choose your own crustaceans like me, then hit those buckets of Mud crabs, Tourteax Crabs, Brown Crabs, Dungeness Crabs and Flower Crabs for some variety.


Try one of each to start and go back for the type which gave you the most satisfaction. Hint: the Dungeness Crab is not to be missed if you enjoy your crabs sweet and with a lot of roe.


Oysters too from different countries are also for the taking. Just do not forget that squeeze of lemon wedge or spritz of lemon juice for an extra zing!


Foie gras fans will also be stoked to know that Kwee Zeen has a live station dedicated to pan-searing slices of foie gras a la minute upon order. Return for seconds or thirds or until you are foie gras-ed out. We promise not to judge.


Oriental offerings include really authentic Indian dishes and possibly one of the fluffiest and crisp roti pratas I have enjoyed at a buffet in a while. Not forgetting the curries and kebabs which were also legit and praiseworthy.


As mentioned earlier, the chefs move around the restaurant interacting with the guests and diners while pushing different trolleys of food. This one had steamer baskets of char siew bao, siew mai, dumplings and other assortment of dim sum for you to choose from. Hong Kong- style chili oil also included.


For desserts, while the display fridge of cakes and tarts beckons, do look out for the mobile live station where Chef prepares his signature Crêpe Suzette, complete with its citrus notes.


Save some space too for Chef Eddy’s handcrafted truffles at the Chocolaterie, located at the entrance. Notable creations include the Earl Grey Lavender, Cempedak and also the well-loved Durian. An absolute must try for all.


Magnifique Sunday Champagne Brunch
Every Sunday
12:30pm – 3:30pm
$168++ per adult with free flow of Tattinger Champagne, wine and non-alcoholic drinks
$138++ per adult with free flow of soft drinks and juices
$58++ per child (5 to 11 years old) with free flow of soft drinks and juices


Kwee Zeen
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa
Sentosa Island
2 Bukit Manis
Singapore 099891
Tel: +65 67088366

Opening hrs:
6.30am – 9.30pm daily


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