BRIDGE Restaurant & Bar

Located along Seah street is an eatery by the name of BRIDGE. Cafe in the day but restaurant and bar when night falls, BRIDGE is practically an enigma that keeps things interesting for their customers by changing things up regularly with their food suppliers and dishes offered on the menu.

We dropped by one Saturday afternoon for brunch and the place was expectedly quite crowded. Seating options include the dimmer lit indoors with comforting air-conditioning while the outdoors albeit the heat, was enjoyably strategic for people-watching and had much better lighting.

Our lunch started off with a hearty bowl of Pumpkinoa $16. Instead of the usual boring carbs, BRIDGE focuses on tasty healthy alternatives such as organic quinoa and roasted rosemary pumpkin to bring new flavours and excitement to the dish. Tender and sweet, the chunks of golden pumpkin paired easily with the grains of quinoa and the tangy carrot vinaigrette. The pumpkin seeds too added a nice crunch while the crumbs of feta cheese gave the overall dish a creamy finish. Good to know that healthy food can actually taste this good after all.


The next dish served was the 62°C Egg $19. Sou vide egg served on a thick layer of truffle mash potato, surrounded by sautéed wild mushrooms, chicken jus, prosciutto di parma, sourdough and seasonal truffle slices. The best part was definitely breaking that beautifully poached egg and letting the soft yolk flow. Slightly rich in flavours but no doubt a party in my mouth.


The A-S-S $18 (not to be mistaken for a particular body part), was also another winner in our book. We adored the generous layer of avocado scramble layered with the smoked salmon and tobiko cream, stacked atop two nicely toasted sourdough bread. Hearty, filling and certainly delightful, this A-S-S was hard to fault.


Another worthy mention not to be missed was The Lobster $36. Served in a flaky buttery croissant, the lobster meat was bursting with oceanic flavours and sweet freshness. Complimented with creamy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, it left us craving for a second helping. Our only grouse was probably the hefty price tag.


Do not leave without trying their Truffle Honey French Toast $18! Slices of crisp French toast with edible flower petals strewn all over and a icy cold sea salt ice-cream as accompaniment.. what’s not to love? The toast does get a little dry towards the middle so we highly recommend that you order an extra scoop of ice-cream made with only imported Japanese milk for that silky smooth finish.


31 Seah St
Singapore 188387
Tel: 6333 4453

Opening hrs:
Mon: Closed
Tue to Thur: 3pm to 11pm
Fri: 3pm to 1am
Sat: 11am to 1am
Sun: 11am to 5pm


Words by Kenneth Lim (@exasperatedmilk)
Photography by GNineThree

The writer is an avid tea drinker who enjoys slicing cakes with his golden fork. 


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