V Day ’16: Love Is In The Air @ Long Bar Steakhouse, Raffles Singapore

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner (two weeks time to be exact), and it brings us back to the much dreaded topic of finding the perfect gift for our special someone yet again! This year however, we suggest that you ditch the boring chocolates and pricey stones, but instead, bring your date out on a romantic adventure of gastronomical delights. With that said, you can be rest assured that the esteemed chefs and sommelier at both Long Bar Steakhouse and Raffles Grill at Raffles Hotel have got you covered with specially crafted menus for this romantic day.


Our romantic evening began with the ‘clang’ of the famous national cocktail, the Singapore Sling. First ever to be created in the historic hotel, this enchanting cocktail primarily consists of pineapple juice, lime juice, grenadine and Dom Benedictine, with cherry brandy and Cointreau giving it the lovely pink hue. Needless to say, we were deeply intrigued by the bright fruity flavours of this dynamic concoction.

After some small chats and laughter, we were introduced to the Creamy Polenta (Raffles Grill). Smooth and velvety, the perfectly cooked cornmeal enveloped the succulent cubes of beef cheeks which was bathed in a pool of Ceps Daube (mushrooms cooked in red wine). Topped with finely chopped slices of seaweed and spring onions, the earthiness of this dish was balanced out by the refreshing notes of the garnishing.


Next up, was a gorgeous plate of Tuna Tartare (Long Bar Steakhouse) with mixed greens on the side. Chunks of fresh tuna meat, diced and then dressed with a sauce made from olive and anchovies. The result of this brilliant pairing was the pleasant savoury notes which delighted our tastebuds.


Proceeding on, we had the Scallop Tastou (Raffles Grill). These scallops had been beautifully seared which resulted in a pleasant crisp surface. The interior was super soft and sweet, superbly smooth and tender. Complimented with slices of black truffles, smoked potato espuma and black truffle coulis, we were instantaneously on cloud nine.


After which, we were served the Turbot (Raffles Grill). Delicate and exquisite, the turbot was cooked till flakey, yet retained its moist interior. The flavours were further enhanced by the black trumpet mushrooms which gave a lovely depth and earthiness to the fish. Not forgetting the young zucchini flower stuffed with an aromatic green peas and hazelnut oil jus served on the side, this was overall simply delectable.


The Pigeon “A La Diable” (Raffles Grill) was the last item on the savoury list. A well-seasoned fillet of pigeon served with Diable Sauce, a traditional French sauce that complimented the pigeon with its peppery zest. Although the meat was slightly tough, the stuffed macaroni (ricotta, parmesan and mozerella) ended the dish with a cheesy finish.


Concluding the romantic dinner was a plate of Strawberry Vanilla Vacherin (Long Bar Steakhouse). Two scoops of strawberry and vanilla ice cream placed over a thin sheet of champagne jelly, and adorned with two adorable pieces of heart-shaped meringue, this was quite the fireworks to the end of our lovely meal.


Raffles Grill – $598++ per couple with a glass of champagne (Valentine’s Set Dinner Menu on 13 Feb 16) Long Bar Steakhouse – $198++ per person (Valentine’s Set Dinner Menu on 14 Feb 16)

For reservations, please call Dining Reservations at 6412 1816 or email: dining@raffles.com.

Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Road
Singapore 189673


Words and Photography by Kenneth Lim (@exasperatedmilk)
The writer is an avid tea drinker who enjoys slicing cakes with his golden fork. 


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