CNY ’16: Le Bistrot du Sommelier

We are one week through the Lunar New Year and if you are still looking for a place to celebrate, look no further as Le Bistrot Du Sommelier is serving up their gourmet delectables specially crafted for the Lunar New Year till 20 February 2016! And just in case you might prefer to stay in for your reunion, the restaurant has also cleverly devised a takeaway menu perfect for a fuss-free joyous celebration without the expense of one’s comfort.


Brie de Meaux aux Truffes
Take Away: 180gm / $28.80
Dine in: 180gm / $31.80

The Brie de Meaux aux Truffes was a delicate slice of Brie cheese infused with black winter truffles. The Brie was exceptionally smooth and creamy with little pleasant peaks of tanginess and a slight hint of pungency. Beneath the soft, pale interior was another exquisite layer of truffles that added a deep earthiness to the rich buttery curd. Plain decadent and luxurious.


Salmon rillettes
Takeaway:150gm / $18.00
Dine in:100gm / $16.80

Rillettes de Saumon, or salmon rillettes, was another appetizer that had us wanting second and third helpings! Using the finest salmon, the chef meticulously broke apart the flaky pink fish and combined it with white wine cream sauce for a velvety finish! The result was a light, well-seasoned salmon spread that paired extremely well with the crusty slices of warm toasted baguette.


Prosperity salad
Take away:$68.00 (serves 6 to 8 people)
Dine in: $10.80 (per person, minimum 2 pax)

The Lunar New Year is never complete without the auspicious Lo Hei, and the Prosperity salad in Le Bistrot Du Sommelier Style was indeed a showstopper with a western spin to this traditional beauty! Encircling a gorgeous hill made out of fresh crisp greens and coutons, were tender slices of cured salmon that exuded a lovely smokey taste. Topped with multi-coloured beetroot from France, and a passionate splash of piquant wine sauce, this festive delight was bursting with bright invigorating flavours.


Rillon de Porc (individual portions).
Take away:$88.00
Dine in: $108.00

Commonly known as the roasted 3-layer pork belly, the Rillon de Porc is the French’s take on Sio Bak, and was served with sides of sautéed potatoes and onions confit. With its distinct layers of an extra crispy golden skin that overlaid a glossy layer of adipose, and a moist, succulent layer of muscle, each porky slice was simply an indulgence. Potatoes at the side were also nicely seasoned, with an added boost in flavour by the aromatic lipids from the pork fat.


Jarret en Trios Coupes (individual portions)
Take away (hot): $198.00
Dine in: $218.00

Last but not least, we had the “Jarret en Trios Coupes”. A hearty trio of pork knuckle, chicken legs and duck legs gently braised in a luxurious pool of red wine. The result of this lengthy cooking method was a glistening piece of pork knuckle that was packed full of meaty goodness. Slicing through this glorious chunk of meat proved even easier than slicing through butter; truly sensational!


For 6 – 8 pax: $788++ (includes food only) / $1,188++ (includes 3 selections of either champagne, white and/or red wine by the resident sommelier)
For 10 – 12 pax: $1,188++ (includes food only) / $1,588++ (includes 3 selections of either champagne, white and/or red wine by the resident sommelier)

Le Bistrot du Sommelier
53 Armenian St
Singapore 179940

Opening hrs:
Mon – Sat: 12 – 3pm (Lunch)
Mon – Sat: 6 – 11pm (Dinner)
Mon – Sat: 12pm to 12am (Rillette Bar)

Open air carparks available next to Bible House.


Words and Photography by Kenneth Lim (@exasperatedmilk)
The writer is an avid tea drinker who enjoys slicing cakes with his golden fork. 


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