Roots Kitchen & Bar @ 30 Dickson Road

Nestled in the vibrant shop houses of Little India lies Roots Kitchen & Bar, a casual fine dining restaurant that promises quality European food whilst keeping it affordable and delicious! Despite its seemingly inaccessible location, diners can be assured as the restaurant is literally a stone’s throw from Rochor MRT station. For those who might be driving, do remember to come early as there are limited parking lots along the stretch.

Although Roots may have a comparative duller shopfront to its restaurant counterparts, its interior décor is indefinitely charming with a warm, cozy ambience befitting of this hidden gem. The preservation of brick walls, as well as the clever use of wooden tables, aid in creating the humble, rustic setting. Combined with warm hanging lights and a romantic candle centerpiece, all the elements set the mood for a lovely dining experience.


Food, of course, does not fall short as the Egg & Truffle Mousseline $4 appetizer had already gotten our eyes and taste buds excited! Served in adorable egg shells, the truffle infused mousseline was smooth, creamy and almost weightless. The sautéed mushrooms residing at the base gave the dish a nice earthly depth whilst the herring caviar was unfortunately somewhat forgotten in the process.


Proceeding to something more substantial, we ordered the Ocean Crab Pasta $18 to satisfy our shellfish cravings. Visually appealing, and every bit promising, we were stunned at the generous amount of crabmeat sitting atop the pasta! The capellini was cooked al dente before being tossed in a pool of luxurious lobster bisque, and topped with sweet, tender crabmeat. Words simply cannot describe the brilliance of this dish so if you are crazy about crabs or lobsters (like I am), you know what to order!


It can be quite challenging to find a good plate of cured salmon as most restaurants tend to do it too salty. However, we dare say that the Absolut Cured Salmon $12 was probably one of the best that we had so far. These beautiful scarlet slices had the perfect saltiness and paired so well with the garlic aioli which imparted subtle notes of sweetness to the fish.


For fans of eggs benedict, we can assure you that the Eggs Benedict & Caviar $15 at Roots does not disappoint! Instead of the typical eggs benedict where boring slices of toasts and bacon are used, Roots took it up a notch by substituting them with crispy, savoury waffles and prosciutto parma. We do say that we liked the latter better, which also feels like more bang for your buck!


Moving on to desserts, we settled for the signature Banana Bailey $10 which consists of bread and butter pudding adorned with walnuts, berries and a scoop of bailey ice cream. Although a tad simple, this homely dessert was just flawless; warm, comforting and nostalgic.


While the Banana Bailey evoked nostalgic feelings of the past, the Citron & Passion $13 was a livelier and hipster-esque dessert. Featuring broken tart shells, marshmallow ice cream cookie and dollops of lemon and passionfruit curd, this deconstructed lemon meringue pie was absolutely gorgeous! The lemon and passionfruit curd had a great balance in sweetness and acidity, which made a lovely complement to the soft, chewy marshmallow ice cream cookie.


With affordable and delicious food, as well as an impeccable service, Roots Kitchen & Bar have most definitely beaten our expectations! As the restaurant can get rather crowded during the weekends, we suggest that diners make online reservations to secure your perfect lunch/dinner date!

30 Dickson Road
Singapore 209512
Tel: 62915679

Opening hrs:
Wednesdays to Mondays: 11.00am – 11.00pm
Closed on Tuesdays


Words and Photography by Kenneth Lim (@exasperatedmilk)
The writer is an avid tea drinker who enjoys slicing cakes with his golden fork. 


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