Spago by Wolfgang Puck @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

Anchoring itself on the SkyPark of Marina Bay Sands (MBS), Spago is one of the latest additions to the list of celebrity restaurants that have landed on the shores of Singapore. This is celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck’s second restaurant in Singapore and also the first international outpost to be introduced in Asia. Famed for its top-notch Californian cuisine, diners can enjoy the same signature dishes served at the original Spago of West Hollywood, as well as other modern fusion delights inspired by Puck’s travels in Asia.

With an image of a “garden in the sky” in mind, New York-based designer Tony Chi has collaborated with Chef Wolfgang Puck and MBS on the design of Spago. Featuring an elegant, modernist garden home, the restaurant was built on a warm palette of architectural materials that includes basalt stone and fumed oak, imparting visual resemblance to a colonial-style bungalow. Blessed with the grandeur of the iconic infinity pool and a million dollar sky view of Singapore’s landscape, it sets the mood for the perfect dining experience.


Spago offers two distinct dining spaces catered for the lunch/dinner crowd and the merry bar-goers. For a more sophisticated dining experience, diners can make reservations at Spago’s 90-seater fine dining restaurant where an extensive selection of international wines is available for the meal pairing. Next to the fine dining restaurant is a terrace lounge with an alfresco bar centerpiece that is able to accommodate 200 guests. Low tables, patterned cushions and abstract ceiling fans exude a vibrant, casual vibe for diners to mingle and socialize amid the perpendicular sofa arrangement. If you’re one of those who might be slightly more introverted, Spago’s open kitchen concept will keep you entertained with an exclusive view of the dynamic kitchen team in action.


Seeking alcoholic relief from the working woes, we headed to the rooftop bar at Spago on a weekday evening for the much needed destress session. Famed for their handcrafted cocktails, we ordered the Love You Long Time $26 cocktail which 50% off every Tuesday from 6pm to 9pm. This vibrant concoction of Ketel One Vodka, tangerine, thai basil and sparkling sake had the grace and demeanor of that perfect girl in class; pleasant subtle notes of sweetness with a tinge of spiciness.

Accompanying the cocktail was a wooden basket of steamed Chinese Bao and Glazed Short Ribs $28. Sandwiched between the mildly sweet and savoury kong bak pau was a meltingly tender slice of hoisin sauce marinated short rib. Topped with crisp slices of pickled red chilies and fresh onions, the entire dish had a perfect balance of sweet, salty and sour flavours.


Fried food and alcohol are always a mandatory combination, hence the sinful order of Japanese Fried Chicken “Karaage” $18. These golden, bite-sized chicken fritters had the most seductive juices oozing out in a single bite! If you are a fan of spicy fritters, the Kawpie togarashi aioli makes a lovely dipping sauce for that desired heat with a smooth, creamy finish.


The Foie Gras-Espresso Mousse Tarts $25 was one that unfortunately did not quite catch my fancy. Each of the crispy tart shells had an identical scoop of kaya infused foie gras mousse and a slight drizzle of espresso yet although the mousse was every bit delightful, the flavour of the kaya was overpowered and lost in the intense espresso flavour.


Not listed on the menu, the Vegetarian Sushi Roll made up of fresh avocados and cucumbers was specially crafted for our lovely vegan friend. For the lovely vegans out there, or those who might prefer a healthier alternative, simply inform the waitress beside you and the restaurant will try its best to cater to your requests!


Concluding the meal with a sweet treat and a final glass of alcohol, we proceeded to order the Orange Kulfi Pops $16 and The Garden of Eden $26.

Looks can be deceiving as these adorable ice cream bars had a strong, distinct vanilla taste and fragrance which was achieved using prized Tahitian vanilla beans. The caramelized almond on the surface offered a nice contrasting textural crunch to the creamy interior whilst the slice of orange was simply refreshing!


Served in a clear cylindrical glass, The Garden of Eden exudes a bright, dreamy hue which was conjured using mango black tea infused vodka, lemon and cane sugar. Although small in volume, the drink had the right amount of sweetness with a strong mango flavour; perfect to quench your post swim thirst!


The food at Spago undeniably comes with a steep price tag. However, given its location, quality of food and a breathtaking sky view of Singapore, these reasons do justify that once in a blue moon splurge for that special occasion!

10 Bayfront Ave
Sands SkyPark
Tower 2 Level 57
Singapore 018956
Tel: 6688 9955

Opening hrs:
Dining Room (Lunch):
12pm to 2.30pm
Dining Room (Dinner):
Sunday – Thursday, 6pm – 10pm
Friday & Saturday, 6pm – 11pm
Terrace Lounge
Breakfast Buffet: 7am – 10:30am (S$43++ per adult | S$22++ per child)
Drinks & Bites: 12pm – Late


Words and Photography by Kenneth Lim (@exasperatedmilk)
The writer is an avid tea drinker who enjoys slicing cakes with his golden fork. 


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