Patisserie Platine @ RISE Lounge, Marina Bay Sands

Built on the culinary success of Waku Ghin, Patisserie Platine – the brainchild of Chef Tetsuya Wakuda – offers an incredible selection of cakes, tarts and other delectable entremets that will charm in both taste and appearance. Every component in these desserts is painstakingly made in-house, using only the finest and most premium ingredients from Japan and Europe to offer the highest quality in taste. Giving form to these beautiful works of art is a talented pastry team led by Chef Yasushi Ishino whose 16 years of experience in the pastry sector has made him a veteran in French and Japanese Pastry techniques.


Having chanced upon the pastry maestro this afternoon, we simply could not forgo the opportunity to capture a photo of Chef Ishino plating a dessert in his sweet-scented playground.


Although he was a little bashful at first, we somehow managed to force coax him into holding a plate of his signature dessert for the camera. That said, we would like to thank Chef Ishino for allowing us to intrude into his working space for these photos and also for not throwing us out.


Besides the 16 offerings of intricate pastries and petit cakes, what we also enjoyed about the place was the casual yet refined ambience that accentuated the whole ‘tai tai’ experience. Moreover, letting loose of oneself was almost effortless as the gentle rays of light peeking through the windows offered a warm, comforting glow to dissolve your nasty stress bubbles. On the other hand, service could definitely be much warmer as my experience for the three visits had been a little cold.

Embracing the concept of ‘light and delicate’ is Patisserie Platine’s signature Ghin Cheesecake $12 which is also by far the most popular dessert in the restaurant. This humble offering featured a feather-light lemon cheese mousse encasing a refreshing lemon curd centre. Powdered sugar was lightly dusted on the mousse’s surface for a snowy effect before finishing it off with a silver feather to accentuate its lightness. Words are not enough to describe this flawless dessert; so just sit back and enjoy the delicate flavours of the cake as it disintegrate into bubbles of ecstasy in the warmth of your mouth.


This is most definitely NOT your average black forest cake where one could easily purchase from a HDB cake shop. The Black Forest $12 is a seasonal special, created to highlight the sweet and sour flavours of cherries that are in season. Starting with a layer of chocolate terrine at its base, three additional layers of chocolate cremeux, pistachio mousse and cherry sauce were meticulously added in the right ratios to create the perfect flavour profile for the cake. Final touches of grandeur included: a cherry soaked in cherry liqueur, a cylindrical block of chocolate mousse hand sprayed with melted milk chocolate and exquisite chocolate curls. This was simply the bomb for me – an old school classic made sophisticatedly sexy.


If you’ve heard the poem, “Andrea Del Sarto” by Robert Browning, you might recall a famous phrase: “Less is more”. And, this is what I would use to describe the Fraisier $12. No mismatched, over-the-top ideas in this dessert – just a simple, beautiful marriage of fresh strawberries and pistachio chantilly cream sandwiched between two layers of fluffy sponge with additional berries and cream as decoration. The harmony of all the elements was so perfect that I could not help but break into a gleeful smile after a bite of this – such bliss!


Another dessert that deserves a huge shout-out is the Coconut Mousse with Mango & Passionfruit ($10). It is hard to imagine how these three flavours would make the loveliest pairing, but trust me, Chef Ishino has certainly pushed the boundaries to unite them in this tropical-esque entremet. Its anatomy comprised of a light, airy coconut mousse encapsulating intricate layers of mango mousse and passionfruit. Despite the high level of complexity involved, the balance between the sweet and sour notes was spot-on, leaving us with a final verdict: sublime!


For something refreshing, the Yuzu Tarte ($10) will be sure to satiate your citrus craving! This lively pastry featured glorious peaks of torched meringue piped atop layers of bright yuzu-lemon curd and a very shy olive oil sponge within a crisp, buttery tart shell. A piece of candied yuzu was added to reinforce the citrus flavour.

The clever play of different textures and flavour profiles was simply fascinating! My ultimate regret – only buying one instead of ten tarts to last me through the week; it is that addictive.


Concluding the caloric session on a bitter-sweet note was a dainty glass of Tiramisu $11. While I am usually not one to order tiramisu for dessert, Patisserie Platine’s rendition of this classic certainly picked me up! A generous amount of espresso syrup fills the base of the glass before topping it off with chocolate baba, chocolate pearls, mascarpone cream and a final dusting of coffee powder (which I embarrassingly chocked on). The lovely crunch that you would not usually find in a typical tiramisu, coupled with a perfect ratio of chocolate and coffee without being overly cloying, was what won me over.


It is not every day that you find a pastry chef who would push the boundaries to find new ideas to change the way on how we see desserts. Chef Ishino is certainly one of them, and also left us curious as to what other interesting creations he could come up with. Patisserie Platine is certainly our new go-to place for great desserts. 

RISE Lounge
Marine Bay Sands Hotel, Lobby Tower 1
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956

Cakes available from: 11am daily for takeaway and dine-in


Words and Photography by Kenneth Lim (@exasperatedmilk)
The writer is an avid tea drinker who enjoys slicing cakes with his golden fork. 


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