Hong Kong Eats: BEST Roast Goose @ Yat Lok Restaurant, 34-38 Wellington St

Roast goose is almost quite synonymous with Hong Kong and is a definite must try when you are in this food paradise city. Although there are a number of places that do serve roast goose, few have risen above the ranks and made a name for themselves, earning a Michelin Star even in the process. Mention roast goose in Hong Kong and the following names- Yung Kee, Kam’s and Yat Lok will surely be in the conversation. I personally tried Yung Kee when I was in Hong Kong three years ago but sadly was none too impressed and thought it was quite overrated. Because of that previous experience too, I was not too keen to have roast goose during this trip but the family wanted to try it and that was how we came to try Yat Lok.

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According to our research, Yat Lok was reputed to have the crispiest skin so that alone was our sole basis on choosing it over Kam’s. However, the reviews also revealed that approximately 5 out of every 10 people who ate at Yat Lok, complained that the service staff were really rude, queues were extremely long and altogether not a very pleasant experience. But like I said earlier, the family wanted to try roast goose so we decided to take the chance and went mentally prepared i.e. we were not going to get offended even if the shop aunty was to yell at us.

We found the little eatery easily- a few minutes walk from Central MTR and reached at about 4.30pm. It was a smart move because there was no queue and even though the tables inside were mostly filled, they were able to find space to accommodate 5 of us. We decided to order a whole goose- HKD$560 (SGD$98) and plain rice so that we could savour the goose and all its goodness. We ended up also adding a plate of vegetables because mummy says every meal needs to have greens.

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Two plates packed with half a goose each, expertly chopped up and arranged neatly, soon arrived at our table. The smell alone was so inviting, almost a sugary aroma of burnt caramel with just the right degree of smokiness. We could not wait to dig in but of course my ever patient family had to swallow back their saliva until I was done with the photographs. To my defence, I worked as fast as I could because I too could not resist the temptation of that crisp, browned and moist goose.

When I was finally done snapping, we each took a piece and ate. There was silence at the table but so much commotion in our heads (or mine at least). The explosion of flavours, the juiciness of the meat, the savouriness and oiliness of the gravy and THAT SKIN! No words to describe- sufficiently fatty but still lean, beautifully charred and crisp, and contrasted so perfectly with the tender meat underneath. This was amazingly good to eat on its own but even better (if possible) with a dip of sweet tangy plum sauce and over a bed of rice. This meal really brought a smile to all our faces- postprandial never felt this good. You need to try it to believe it.

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PS. The service was actually not that bad (good even if we dare say). Not sure if it was because we came at a non-peak hour but the aunties all greeted us with a smile and even asked if we enjoyed our meal before we left.

PPS. Yat Lok was awarded 1 Michelin Star for 2015 and 2016, and has been around since 1957! The modest eatery (which by the way is really small in area size) is family run so the recipe has probably been passed down through the generations.

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G/F, Conwell House
34-38 Wellington St, Central
Hong Kong

Opening hrs:
Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: 10am-5.30pm

Hong Kong

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