FORT by Maison Ikkoku @ 5 Cox Terrace

Opened by the same talented and creative mind behind the “no-menu” bespoke bar along Kandahar Street- Maison Ikkoku, FORT by Maison Ikkoku offers a refreshing new concept with culinary delights paired with unique cocktails that are individually concocted and tailored to your preference.

Located at the Singapore Pinacothèque De Paris within Fort Canning Park, this unassuming modest corner restaurant is hardly eye-catching from its exterior and its dimly-lit surroundings sets the tone as an ideal watering hole. The bar counter where all the magic and ingenuity happens, takes centre stage while diners sit all around it. Each seating takes up to 30 pax and FORT has two seatings every night- 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

We came by to try their highly acclaimed 12-course Omakase which costs an affordable $68++. I enjoyed my experience so much that I made a reservation for my best friend’s birthday two weeks later and returned for another meal.


Cold Braised Radish with Cuttlefish

Our first item of the twelve, was a cold dish that was light, refreshing to the palate with a clean finish. The touch of cuttlefish essence added a nice dimension to this otherwise simple starter.


Chef’s Salad with Dehydrated Cauliflower, Yuzu Wasabi

Next was a salad made fancy with the dehydrated cauliflower. Nothing too exciting but the highlight was definitely the piquant Yuzu Wasabi dressing that had punches of flavour and waves of earthiness.


Pan-seared scallop w/ Japanese Purple Sweet Potato & Bonito Broth

Moving on to the warm dishes, the scallop was served beautifully seared such that the texture was still juicy, rightfully moist and still a tad bouncy. The surprising star was however that purple broth which was delightfully smooth and naturally sweetened by the sweet potato. Make sure you finish every last drop of that purple goodness!


Swordfish Carpaccio w/ Asian Dressing

I personally do not eat raw fish but seeing how pretty this dish was, I decided to give it a try. No regrets because I ended up finishing both slices. Adequately thick, the swordfish was enjoyably meaty and given an oriental twist with its Asian dressing that delicately complimented its mild sweet flavour.


Onsen Egg with Garlic oil & Seaweed

Be sure to slurp this one right up to capture the yolk whole and savour every bit of it as it bursts in your mouth! Loved the drop of garlic oil and saltiness of the seaweed which made something that looked very straightforward, oh so satisfying.


Signature Spicy Fort Roll

Starting on the carb dishes, these rolls were filled with raw maguro tuna and I surprised myself by finishing them both. While some may find the spiciness of the homemade chilli sauce a tad too much, I personally thought it was pleasantly charming and overall, deserving of its title as a signature item at FORT.


Foie Gras Sushi, Charcoal Salt

I have to admit that I am not a Foie Gras fan but I am sure that such a decently sized piece of goose liver will bring a smile to many faces. My dining companion finished my share in a heartbeat and raved over how it melted in his mouth with a buttery rich finish. Dip it with the charcoal salt at the side to heighten the satisfaction.


Truffle Mushroom, Mac & Cheese

It was hard to contain my glee when this bowl of warm comforting conch-shaped creamy pasta arrived on the table complete with the smell of truffle. The pasta was cooked al dente and every bit was smothered well with cheese and chunks of mushroom. Would have had no problem finishing a second bowl!


Lamb Burger

Lamb is not usually my meat of choice because of that characteristic gaminess which I do not really fancy. This patty however was seasoned so well that the whole combination tasted like a really juicy and flavourful slider, made extra sinful with a squirt of rich Japanese mayo. Two thumbs up!


Salmon Aburi Don with Ikura

This one was another of my favourites that night not just for its downright pretty presentation but also for the fact that it was a mixture of all the elements I love. Torched salmon with pops of Ikura spheres atop a bed of fluffy but slightly sticky Japanese rice, this was certainly not difficult to finish at all despite our tummies being almost bursting at this point already.


French Vanilla Ice cream w/ Japanese red beans

The meal ended with some good ol’ vanilla ice-cream with red beans for a chewy finish.


Overall, a dining experience at FORT is certainly not to be missed. It is atypical, interesting and multi-sensorial without breaking the bank. While I do think that this concept works best for pairs dining together, I am sure that even if you brought a bigger group of friends with you, everyone will still have a good time.

The menu changes weekly, based on the seasonal produce so rest assured that even though you probably will get to try different food from me (I visited FORT twice in a span of 3 weeks and got to try new dishes), the quality will be as good and freshness of ingredients not compromised. It is a must visit for those who appreciate good cocktails and artisanal food.


5 Cox Terrace #01-02/03
Fort Canning Arts Centre
Singapore 179620
Tel: 6336 0507

Opening hrs:
4pm – 1am daily


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