Michelin-Starred Kam’s Roast Opens in Singapore @ Pacific Plaza

Following the heels of the opening of Tsuta aka the first Japanese ramen eatery to earn a Michelin Star, at Pacific Plaza, another Michelin-Starred restaurant has also taken residence at the same location, just a few units down.

Kam’s Roast from Hong Kong, which has earned accolades for attaining its Michelin Star within 6 months of opening in 2015, and thereafter in 2016 and 2017, has become a household name for roast goose and meats in general, and they have OPENED IN SINGAPORE. While there will not be any goose on the menu at this FIRST outlet outside Hong Kong, their other signature roasts such as the Roast Duck, Suckling Pig, ‘Toro’ Char Siu and of course the legendary Wonton Noodles are all still available.


Rest assured as well that the owners of Kam’s Roast have guranteed that the standard and quality of their roasts will be the same as that of Hong Kong. They have after all, flown in their Head Chef from Hong Kong, Chef Wong Kwan-sang to train the staff at this outlet and also work alongside the Singapore Head Chef until operations are smooth. The Singapore Head Chef, Chef Lam was also previously from Yung Kee, where the Kam’s Roast story first began.


Here’s what to expect when Kam’s Roast opens tomorrow, Saturday, 19 Nov 16 at 1pm:

Roast Duck $29.80 for half, $55 for whole

The star of Kam’s Roast Singapore outlet, especially since there is no roast goose here, the Roast Duck with its moist meat and sufficient fattiness was a fairly good substitute. I usually prefer the breast meat parts and was delighted that every bite was nicely marinated, savory and not dry at all. The gravy too in which the duck was bathed in deserves a mention for its slighty sweet and non too oily finish. Kam’s recommends that you simply douse a bowl of rice with that gravy and enjoy it on its own. We could not agree more and savoured every last grain. Simple but so good. Do not forget to ask for extra gravy for added decadence!


Crispy Roast Pork $14.80

The roast pork or sio bak was also worth the calories with its crackling skin and succulent meat beneath. Check out how deliberate those layers of fat, meat and skin are evenly balanced out for a nice contrast of textures and makes every piece equally satisfying. Dip your pork into the side of mustard to compliment all that flavour.


‘Toro’ Char Siu $22.80 and BBQ Pork $14.80

The Char Siu here is really good! Though admittedly if you are planning to try both variations, I would advise that you have the BBQ Pork before the ‘Toro’. The former is leaner, adequately charred, glistening sweet and would be perfect with either noodles, rice or even on its own. The latter however is a celebrity in its own right. Seasoned with the family recipe and barbequed till the ends are a tad burnt for a nice crunch, this meat has the right blend of melt-in-your-mouth tender and yet retaining its bite. Must try!


Braised Noodle with Ginger Scallion $6.80 for 1/2 portion

Fans of the QQ-textured noodles that are only available in Hong Kong will be thrilled to know that these noodles are air-flown from there daily via Singapore Airlines. No more having to take that 3.5hr flight to satisfy your noodles craving because it is now available in Singapore. Nicely al dente with that touch of alkalinity that is characteristic of all Hong Kong egg noodles, this was comforting to have, with the accompaniment of a bowl of hot soup or with handmade wontons that will be available here in time to come.


Soya Chicken $14.80

This Soya Chicken might a little overshadowed by all the roast meats at Kam’s but it is a great alternative for those who still prefer their white meat and this version is certainly worth trying. The meat is moist, tender and flavourful with hints of salitness that completes the experience.


Overall, Kam’s Roast first international debut in Singapore is definitely exciting and our little island’s culinary scene continues to grow in vibrancy and rigour. I thoroughly enjoyed all the meats here at Kam’s during our preview and will be tempted to return for a second visit with my family. Alternatively, if you do not wish to queue (which will probably be long when they officially open on Saturday), you can choose to order takeaway and savour the flavours in the comfort of your home, with both friends and family!


9 Scotts Road
Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228 210

Opens on 19 Nov 16 at 1pm
Weekdays: 11am to 10pm
Weekends & PH: 10am to 10pm


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